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Murari Mitra
Murari Mitra Murari Mitra
Professor,  Mathematics
  • Ph.D. (Indian Statistical Institute).
  • M. Stat. (Indian Statistical Institute): Awarded ISIAA medal for “outstanding performance” in Master of Statistics in the year 1990.


Contact Addresses
  Residence 14/2, Hindusthan Road,
Kolkata -700 029, West Bengal, India
  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 Ext.
  Mobile +91 -
  email murarimitra@yahoo.com , mmitra@math.iiests.ac.in  


Research Areas
  • Reliability Theory, Mathematical Statistics.
  • Operations Research, Nonparametric Inference.


Recent Publications
  • Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1993). Interrelationships between certain notions of non-monotonic ageing. Probability and Statistics, Eds. Sujit K. Basu and Bimal. K. Sinha. Narosa Publishing House.
  • Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1994). On a non-parametric family of life distributions and its dual. J.Statist. Plann.Inference, 39, 385-397.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1995). Change point estimation in non-monotonic ageing models. Ann. Inst. Statist. Math., 47, 483-491.
  • Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. and Bhattacharjee, M.C. (1995). Characterizing the exponential law under Laplace order domination. Calcutta Stat. Assn. Bulletin, 45, 171-180.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1996). Shock models leading to nonomonotonic ageing classes of life distributions. J.Statist. Plann.Inference, 55, 131-138.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1996). On some propertise of the bathtub failure rate family of life distributions. Microelectron. Reliab., 36, no.5, 679-684.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1998). The class of life distributions that are Laplace order dominated by the exponential law and its ramifications. Frontiers in Reliability, World Scientific.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (1998). A bound for the renewal function of a process driven by a non-monotonic life distribution function. Statistics, 31, 339-345.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (2000). An optimum ordering policy and its estimation in a two-supplier inventory model with uncertainties in supplies. Calcutta Stat. Assn. Bulletin, Golden Jubilee Issue, 265-282.
  •  Mitra, M. and Basu, S.K. (2002). Testing exponentiality against Laplace order dominance. Statistics, 36(3), 223-229.
  •  Anis, M.Z. and Mitra, M.(2004). Change point detection in mean residual life function. J.Ind. Soc. Prob. Statist. 8, 7-71.
  •  Anis, M.Z. and Mitra, M.(2005). A simple test of exponentiality against NWBUE family of life distributions. Appl. Stochastic Models Bus. Ind.,21, 45-53.
  •  Anis, M.Z. and Mitra, M.(2005). Change point detection of failure rate functions. IAPQR Transactions, 30, No. 1, pp.17-32.
  •  Anis, M.Z. and Mitra, M.(2005). An alternative simple proof of a result useful in reliability shock models. Economic Quality Control, 20, No.2, 287-290.
  • Anis, M.Z. and Mitra, M. (2008). An L-statistic approach to a test of exponentiality against IFR alternatives. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138, 3144-3148.
  • Mahapatra, G. S., Mitra, M. and Roy T. K. (2010). Intuitionistic fuzzy multi-objective mathematical programming on reliability optimization model. International journal of Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 259- 266.
  • Pandey, A. and Mitra, M. (2011). Poisson shock models leading to new classes of non-monotonic aging life distributions. Microelectronics Reliability, 51, 2412-2415.
  • Anis, M.Z. and Mitra, M. (2011). A generalized Hollander-Proschan type test for NBUE alternatives. Statistics and Probability Letters , Vol. 81, issue 1, pages 126-132.
  • • Pal, A., Mitra, M. and Anis, M. Z. (2014). On testing exponentiality against NBAFR alternatives. (Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 43: 1834-1844).


Courses Undertaken
  • Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata:
    • Game Theory in M. Tech. in QROR program in 1992.
    • Survival Analysis in M. Stat. 2nd year in 1995.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur:
    • Calculus in B. Tech. 1st year in 1998
    • Numerical Analysis in 5 year Integrated M. Sc. Program in 1998.
  • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad: (By invitation)
    • Operations Research – 1 in Doctoral Program at IIMA (FPM program) in 2004.
  • BESU, Shibpur
    • Topics taught in M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics):
      Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Coding Theory,
      Topics in Operations Research ( Queuing Theory, Mathematical Theory of Reliability, Simulation).
    • Topics taught in B. E.
      Calculus (Single and several variables), Probability and Statistics, Complex variable theory, Discrete mathematics, integral
      Transform, etc. in courses in MA – 101, MA – 201, MA – 301, MA – 302, MA – 401, MA – 402.
  • Purabi Das School of Information Technology: Coding and Information Theory
  • M. N. Dastur School of Material Sciences: Foundations of Mathematics
  • Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata : Stochastic Processes in M.Sc. (2nd Year) (By invitation)


Department of Mathematics, BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA