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Apurba Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Academic Qualifications

  • B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering), CU, 2001
  • M. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering), IIT Guwahati, 2003
  • Ph.D (Computer Science and Engineering), IIT Kanpur, 2016



  1. 0332668-576


  1. Email:sarkar@cs.iiests.ac.in

Area of Research

  • Digital Geometry, Combinatorial Geometry, Discrete Geometry
  • Computational Geometry
  • Image Processing, Shape Analysis, Shape Classification
  • Text Summarization

Courses Undertaken

UG Course

  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Discrete Structure
  • Theory of Computation
  • Operating System
  • Object Oriented Programming

PG Course

  • Topics in Operating System (Advanced)

Recent Publications 

  1. A. Sarkar, A. Biswas, P. Bhowmick, M. Dutt, and B. B. Bhattacharya (2017). A linear-time algorithm to compute the triangular hull of a digital object. Discrete Applied Mathematics, Elsevier 216, 408–423.
  2. A. Sarkar, A. Biswas, M. Dutt, and A. Bhattacharya (2017). Finding a Largest Rectangle inside a Digital Object and Rectangularization. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, JCSS (accepted, in press).
  3. A. Sarkar, A. Biswasand, M. Dutt, and S. Mondal (2018). Finding Shortest Triangular Path and its Family inside a Digital Object. Fundamenta Informaticae (Accepted, in Press) 159, 297–325.
  4. A. Biswas, P. Bhowmick, B. B. Bhattacharya, B. Das, M. Dutt, and A. Sarkar (2017). Triangular Covers of a Digital Object. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, JAMC (accepted on 15/12/17 ). IOS Press
  5. A. Sarkar, A. Biswas, M. Dutt, and A. Bhattacharya (2015). Generation of Random Digital Curves using Combinatorial Techniques. In: Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics (CALDAM)Springer, pp.286–297.
  6. A. Sarkar, A. Biswas, M. Dutt, and A. Bhattacharya (2015). Generation of Random Triangular Digital Curves Using Combinatorial Techniques. In: 6th International Conference on Pettern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (PReMI). Springer, pp.136–145.
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