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Dr. Sanat Kumar Mazumder
Dr. Sanat Kumar Mazumder Dr. Sanat Kumar Mazumder
Professor , Mathematics
  • Ph.D.
  • M.Phil.
  • M.Sc.


Contact Addresses
  Residence Flat No:D2-(2nd Floor), 66/3/1 College Road, P.O.-B.Garden,
Howrah-711 103, West Bengal, India
  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 Ext.
  Mobile +91 - 9831648816
  email majumder_sk@yahoo.co.in  


Research Areas
  • Information, Optimizition, O.R, .
  • Entropy Optimization and its applications in different branches of Science and Technology .


Recent Publications
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das Constrained nonlinear prog - A min Cross Ent Research Engg. optimization (International) 1999
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Constrained nonlinear prog - A min Cross Ent, Engg. optimization (International), 1999
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Maximum - Ent approach in Linear Prog., OPSEARCH (International), 1999
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Maximum - Ent and utility in Trans systems, Research YJOR (International), 1999
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Transport sys. - Ent & Utility, IJMOS (National), 2000
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Ent & Utility in Decision making Process, AMSE Jr. of France (International), 2000
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Dual of max ent prin.some applications, Jr. of Natural & Physical Science, 2000
  • S.K.Mazumder, C.G.Chakraborty, Surrogate Mathematical Programming, Operations Research (International), 2001
  • S.K.Mazumder, C.G.Chakraborty, Traffic Network -Max Ent approach, ASCE Jr. of Transp. Engg. (International), 2000
  • S.K.Mazumder, Income Inequ -Max Ent Algor., Kybernatika (International), 2002
  • S.K.Mazumder, N.C.Das, Nonlinear opt - Information Th algorithm, SAMS (International), 2002
  • S.K.Mazumder, Microstatic describtion in Ent-Max Prob., Jr. of Technology, 2002
  • S.K.Mazumder, P. Jana., Max Ent approach in Non-lin pro., AMSE Jr. of France (International), 2003
  • S.K.Mazumder, P. Jana., Hydrolic Net.using Max Ent, ASCE Jr. of Hydrolics (International), 2004
  • S.K.Mazumder, P. Jana., A deterministic app. using Ent in Math. prog, EJOR (International), 2004
  • S.K.Mazumder, Saidul Islam, T.Roy, Multi obj. T.P. with Ent obj fn., Proc. of National Seminer, 2004
  • S.K.Mazumder, P. Jana., Multi obj. mean var. sknewss for Portfolio opt., YJOR (International), 2005
  • S.K.Mazumder, P. Jana., Gamma fn as an impedence fn. A single & mul obj. T.P., Jr. of Appl.Math & Decision Sc. (International), 2005
  • S.K.Mazumder, B.Samanta., Ent based T.P. using G.P., Appl.Math & Comp.(International), 2006
  • S.K.Mazumder, B.Samanta., Constrained gravity model with power fn., Jr. of Appl. Math & Decision Sc. (International), 2006
  • S.K.Mazumder, B.Samanta., Max-Ent appr in T. D. model, YJOR (International), 2006
  • S.K.Mazumder, K.Karmakar (Sur), traffic dynamics-Analysis of Stability in CorA, Operations Research (International), 2006
  • S.K.Mazumder, K.Karmakar (Sur), Cross Ent appr to Rectangular input output model, Applied Mathematics and Comp. (International), 2006
  • S.K.Mazumder, P. Jana., Ent-maximum and Geometric Program., OPSEARCH, 2006
  • S.K.Mazumder, K.Karmakar (Sur), Utility & Entropy Optimization, Jr. of Adv. Modelling and Optimization(Int.), 2007
  • S.K.Mazumder, R.Samanta, Entropy Optimization in Pattern Recognition, Tamsu Oxford Jr. of Mathematical Science, Tawian, 2007

Courses Undertaken

Department of Mathematics, BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA