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Dr. Bichitra Kumar Guha
Dr. Bichitra Kumar Guha

Dr. Bichitra Kumar Guha

M.Sc (Delhi University)
Ph.D (Calcutta University)

  • Ranked 4th in Higher Secondary Examination (W.B.). .
  • ranked 1st class first in B.Sc. (Hons) from Presidency College.
  • Recipient of Gold Medal from Calcutta University.
  • Ranked 3rd in M.Sc. from Delhi University.
  • Obtained M.Phil (Grade A) from Delhi University.
  • Obtained Ph.D. from Calcutta University.
  • Ph.D. thesis examined and abbreviated by Dr. R.M. Spriggs, the then President of the American Ceramic society.


Contact Addresses
  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 Ext.
  Mobile +91 -9830155316
  email bkg_phys123@yahoo.co.in  


Research Areas
  • Electronic Ceramic Materials, specially ferroelectric materials.
    • Dr. Guha introduced a new technology for chemical doping of niobium in barium titanate.
    • He proposed a material having very high dielectric constant of about 105.
    • He also found out the exact dopant concentration of Nb for which a material undergoes semiconductor to insulator transition.
    • Work is now bing done on processing and characterization of electronic ceramic materials with improved PTCR (positive temperature coefficient of resistance) properties, sensor materials, actuators etc.


Recent Publications
  • Research Papers
    • Lattice Vibration and Ferroelectric Transition, B.K. Guha, Ceramics,Vol.XIII, 1987, pp21-25.
    • Niobium Doped barium Titanate-A Chemically Processed Material With High Dielectric Constant, B.K. Guha and B.N. Samaddar, Trans.Ind.Cer.Soc. Vol. 53(2), pp. 33-48, 1994.
  • Conference paper
    • Processing and Characterisation of Niobium Doped Barium Titanate -57th Annual Session, Indian Ceramic Society, Jan 20-22, 1994.
  • Invited Lectures
    • Brownian Motion: Einstein’s Theory and Its Importance – Celebration of The World Year of Physics, 30 Nov.-2nd Dec. 2005, BESU.
    • Conduction and Breakdown of Insulation in Gaseous Dielectrics – National Workshop on High Voltage Engineering, 26-27 Oct. 2006.
  • General Articles
    • Evolution of Ideas: From Aristotle to Newton- thought, Vol.X, issue III, July-Sept. 2005, pp. 17-23.
  • Book Published
    • Degree Physics for science and Engineering- Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., May 2007.
  • Seminars Organised
    • National Workshop on Recent Development in Material Research, April 2004, BESU
    • Series of Lectures in the Science Awareness Programme, Nov-Dec. 2005, BESU.
    • Anveshan 2009, National Students Research Convention, Feb. 2009, BESU
    • Darwin’s Legacy April 2009, BESU.

Courses Undertaken


Department of Physics, BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA