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Dr. Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri
etc-chirosree Dr. Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri
Assistant Professor , Electronics & Tele Communications
  • Ph.D. from Jadavpur University in MEMS based porous silicon pressure sensor, 2007.
  • ME from Jadavpur University in Electron Device, 2003 (Rank 2nd , 84%)
  • BE from Jadavpur University in Electronics and Instrumentation, 2001(Rank 3rd , 85%)


Contact Addresses
  Residence 827A Lake Twon, blockA, Flat 1B,
Kolkata-700089, West Bengal, India
  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 Ext. 300
  Mobile +91 -
  email chirosreepram@yahoo.com, chirashree@telecom.becs.ac.in.  


Research Areas
  • Biosensors.
  • MEMS based pressure and conductivity sensor.
  • VLSI based signal processing.


Recent Publications 
  • Journal Papers:
    • H. Ghosh, C.RoyChaudhuri, ‘Ultrasensitive Food Toxin Biosensor Using Frequency Based Signals of Silicon Oxide Nanoporous Structure’, Applied Physics Letters, vol.102,p.243701, 2013.
    • N.Samanta, O.Kundu and C.RoyChaudhuri, “A Simple Low Power Electronic Readout for Rapid Bacteria Detection with Impedance Biosensor”, IEEE Sensors, 2013 (in press).
    • D.Mondal and C.RoyChaudhuri, “Extended Electrical Model for Impedance Characterization of Cultured HeLa Cells in Characterization of Cultured HeLa Cells in”, IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience, 2013(in press).
    • C.RoyChaudhuri, D.Mondal, “Electrode Optimization for Impedance Evaluation of Biological Cell Culture under Variable Frequency Low Intensity Sinusoidal Electric Field”, IEEE Transactions on Dielectric and Electric Insulation, vol.20, pp.382-390, 2013.
    • A.Barui, N.Mandal, S.Majumdar, R.K.Das, S.Sengupta, P.Banerjee, C. RoyChaudhuri, J.Chatterjee, “Assessment of Molecular Events during in vitro Re- epithelialization under Honey-Alginate Matrix Ambience”, Materials Science and Engineering B (Elsevier), vol.33, pp.3418-3425, 2013.
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Courses Undertaken


Department of Electronics & Tele Communications , BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA


  1. H. Ghosh, C.RoyChaudhuri, ‘Ultrasensitive Food Toxin Biosensor Using Frequency Based Signals of Silicon Oxide Nanoporous Structure’, Applied Physics Letters, vol.102,p.243701, 2013.