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Madhumati Dutta
Madhumati Dutta


Madhumati Dutta
Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Ph.D.


Contact Addresses
  Residence 86 A Regent Estate, Kol-700 092
  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 2668 – 4561(ext-255, 372, 838)
  email madhumatidutta@yahoo.co.in


Research Areas
  • Environmental Economics/Management/Issues: Forestry, Transport Pollution, Climate Change


Recent Publications
  • ‘Evolving Feasible Modal Structures for Cost Efficient Pollution Reduction: The Case of Passenger Transport in an Indian Megacity’, in Michael von Hauff and Amitabh Kundu (eds.), Imperatives of Sustainability and India’s Development Path, Volume 12, Economic Studies on Asia, edited by Carsten Hermann-Pillath, Werner Pascha, Gunter Schucher, Cornelia Storz, Markus Taube and Michael von Hauff, Metropolis-Verlag, Marburg, 2013 (with Joysankar Bhattacharya), 179 - 202
  • ‘Evaluating The Health Cost Of Transport Pollution’, in International Journal of Physical and Social Sciences, Vol. 2, Issue 10, October 2012 (with Rajasree Banerjee, Sudip K. Roy and Suranjan Sinha), 81-96
  • ‘Expenditure Patterns and Climate Change in India: Implications for Policy’, in Contemporary Issues in Development Economics, ed. P.Pal et al, Regal Publications, New Delhi, in print
  • ‘Factors that Determine the Choice of Passenger Transport Modes and Policy Implications for the Reduction of Urban Pollution: A Case Study of Kolkata’, in P.Pal, A.K. Bhaumik and K.Gupta (eds.), Emerging Issues in the Indian Economy, Regal Publications, New Delhi, 2011 (with Guruprasad Samanta), 430 – 459
  • ‘Management of Transportation Systems and Prioritization of Transport Infrastructure Projects’, International Journal of Marketing and Technology, Vol. 1, Issue 4, September 2011 (with Jayanti De and Sudip K. Roy), 198 - 214
  • ‘Determining the Factors that Do and Do Not Influence the Demand for Less Polluting Modes of Passenger Transport: A Case Study of Kolkata, India’, World Transport Policy and Practice, 2010 (with Guruprasad Samanta), 7 - 34
  • ‘Influencing Modal Choice for Pollution Control: Feasibility, Costs and Benefits - The Case of an Indian Megacity, Kolkata’, IEFE (University of Bocconi) Working Paper No. 17, Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1331882, 2009 (with Joysankar Bhattacharya)
  • ‘Polluting Behaviour of Different Modes of Transport in Big Cities and Policy Implications for Pollution Reduction: The Case of Kolkata, India’, Indian Journal of Air Pollution Control, vol. VII, no. 2, 70-80, September 2008 (with Mohit Ray and Sudip K. Roy]
  • ‘A Pessimistic View on the Mitigation of Global Warming’, Global Warming: A Threat to the World, eds. M. Bhattacharya, A. Chattopadhyay Gupta et al, UGC, 2008.
  • ‘Protecting India’s Forests: the Effectiveness of Forest Protection Committees- the Case of Southern West Bengal’, The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, v. 12, n. 1, 68-77, Sapiens, March 2005 (with Souvanic Roy, Dibyendu S. Maity and Shubhayu Saha).
  • ‘Forest Protection Policies and Rural Benefits from Non-Timber Forest Produce, Lessons from West Bengal’, Economic and Political Weekly, XXXIX n. 6, 587-591, Feb. 7-13, 2004 (with Souvanic Roy, Dibyendu S. Maity and Shubhayu Saha).
  • ‘New Dimensions in Economic Thought: The Case of Environmental Economics’, Thinking Economics, Changes in Thinking, Shubhendu Dasgupta (ed.), Journal of the Alumni Association of the Economics Department, Calcutta University, 95-109, 2003
  • ‘Joint Forest Management and its Impact on the Forest Fringe Economy: A Case Study of a Dry and Arid Region of West Bengal’, Reconciling Environment and Economics : Executive Summaries of EERC Projects (ed.) Jyoti Parikh. EERC, MOEF and IGIDR, 66-70, 2003 (with Souvanic Roy and Subhasis Bandopadhyay)
  • Joint Forest Management and Forest Protection Committees: Negotiation Systems and the Design of Incentives : A Case Study of West Bengal, EERC Working Paper Series, CPR-8, 2003 (with Souvanic Roy and Subhasis Bandopadhyay)
  • ‘Joint Forest Management in West Bengal – A Game Theoretic Critique’, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, v. 22, n. 6, 707-716, 2002 (with Souvanic Roy)
  • Transportation Policy for the Control of Vehicular Air Pollution in Urban Areas: Applying Lessons from the North to Calcutta, India, Discussion Paper, Centre for Urban Economic Studies, Calcutta University, 1/2001, 2001
  • ‘An Economic Evaluation of the East Calcutta Wetlands’. Environmental Economics in India: Concepts and Problems (ed.) G Gupta & J. Roy, 17-49, Allied, 1999 (republication of the subsequent article)
  • ‘Pisciculture and the Environment: an Economic Evaluation of Sewage fed Fisheries in East Calcutta’. Science, Technology and Development, v.14, n.2, 73-99, Frank Cass, 1996
  • ‘The Role of Non-Timber Forest Products in Village Economics of South-West West Bengal’, Rural Development Forestry Network, 15d, 1-8, 1993 (with KC Malhotra and Debal Deb)
  • ‘Greening at the Grassroots’, A Survey of the East, (ed.) A M Khusro, 39-43, Indian Express, 1993 (with Debal Deb)
  • Role of NTFP in the Village Economy: A Household Survey, Jamboni, Midnapore, West Bengal, Working Paper, Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research and Development, 3/1992, 1992 (with KC Malhotra, Debal Deb, TS Vasulu, Ganesh Yadav and Manasi Adhikari)
  • Forest Conservation and the Socio-Economic Development of Forest Fringe Villages : A Case Study of the Villages Around Panchet Hill, Purulia, West Bengal, Monograph, WWF Calcutta, 1992
  • Sal Leaf Plate Making in West Bengal : a Case Study of the Cottage Industry in Sabalmara, West Midnapore, WB, Working Paper, Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research and Development, 2/1990, 1990 (with Manasi Adhikari)




Courses Undertaken



Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA