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Dr. Mousumi Basu
Dr. Mousumi Basu Dr. Mousumi Basu
Associate Professor ,   Physics

  • Ph.D. in Physics, IIT, Kharagpur, India, 2000.
  • M.Tech. in Solid State Technology, IIT, Kharagpur, India, 1995.
  • M.Sc. in Physics , Jadavpur University, 1992.
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics, Vidyasagar University, 1989.


Contact Addresses
  Residence 19D/12, Anupama Housing Complex, V.I.P. Road,
Kolkata - 700 052, West Bengal, India
  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 Ext. 427, +91(33)2668 0521- 25
  Mobile +91 -+91-9433306461
  email mbasu@physics.becs.ac.in, mousumi.basu@gmail.com  


Research Areas
  • Design and Optimization of different single mode optical fibers applicable for dispersion management.
  • Studies on non-linear pulse propagation in optical fibers / waveguides in the context of soliton generation, parabolic similariton generation, pulse compression, supercontinuum generation etc..
  • Studies on Optical fibers in micro and nano dimensions.


Recent Publications
  • Journals
    • Spot Size Technique : A Theoretical Approach To Optimise Dispersion Compensated Optical Fibres. R.Tewari, M. Basu, H.N.Acharya, Fibre and Integrated Optics , Vol-17, 1998, p- 221 - 230 .
    • Modified Figure of Merit for Dispersion Compensated Optical Fibres, R.Tewari, M. Basu, H.N.Acharya, Optics Communications, Vol. 155, 1998, p-260-262.
    • Effect of Grading on the Characteristics of a Dispersion Compensated Optical Fibre, Mousumi Basu, Ramanand Tewari and H.N. Acharya, Optics Communications, Vol. 174, 2000, p- 119-125.
    • Studying the effect of a Central Dip on the Performance of a Dispersion Compensated Optical Fibre, R.Tewari, M. Basu and H.N.Acharya, Optics Communications, Vol. 174, 2000, p- 405-411.
    • Modeling of a step index segmented core single mode optical fiber as a dispersion compensator, M. Basu and , D. Ghosh, Optik, Vol. 116, 2005, p- 255-264.
    • Design considerations of depressed clad W-shaped single mode dispersion compensating fibers, M. Basu and S. Roy, Optik, Vol. 117, 2006, p-377-387.
    • Dispersion Compensating Graded Index Multi-clad Fiber: Optimization for Dispersion-managed WDM Transmission Systems, Dipankar Ghosh and Mousumi Basu, Fiber & Intgrated. Optics, Vol -26, 2007,p- 49-61.
    • Designing A Graded Index Depressed Clad Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Optical Fiber for Wide Band Transmission System. Dipankar Ghosh, Debashri Ghosh and Mousumi Basu, Optik, Vol 119, 2008, p- 63-68.
    • Propagation of short soliton pulses through a parabolic index fiber with dispersion decreasing along length, Dipankar Ghosh, Mousumi Basu, Optics Communications, Vol. 281, 2008, p - 3361-3368.
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    • Efficient Dispersion tailoring by designing alternatiely arranged dispersion compensating fibers and fiber amplifiers to create self similar parabolic pulses, Dipankar Ghosh and Mousumi Basu, Optics &Laser Technology, Vol.- 42, 2010, p- 1301-1310.
    • Study of Optical Properties of GeO2 nanocrystals as synthesized by Hydrothermal Technique, Navonil Bose, Mousumi Basu and Sampad Mukherjee, Material Research Bulletin, 47 (2012)1368-1373.
  • Conference Proceedings:
    • Predicting Maximum Negative Chromatic Dispersion in Optimized Dispersion Compensated Optical Fibres with a Central Dip, R.Tewari, M. Basu, H.N. Acharya, M. Chakraborty, International Conference on Fibre Optics & Photonics “PHOTONICS -96”, I.I.T, Madras, paper no. b.5, December 1996.
    • Optimisation of graded index dispersion compensated optical fibres, R.Tewari, M. Basu, H.N.Acharya, M.Chakraborty, XXIII National Conference on Optics & Optoelectronics (IRDE, Dehradun) pp 116-117, March 1996.
    • Effect of Splice loss on Figure of Merit of Dispersion Compensated Optical Fibres, M. Basu, R.Tewari, H.N.Acharya, XXIV National Conference on Optics & Optoelectronics (University of Calcutta), Jan.- Feb. 1997.
    • Modelling of Dispersion Compensated Fibre Characteristics Using Spot Size Technique, R.Tewari, Mousumi Basu and H.N.Acharya, International Conference on Photonics , PHOTONICS - 98, I.I.T, Delhi, December 1998.
    • Designing a Multiclad dispersion flattened Fiber (DFF) with negative third order dispersion to perform a higher order pulse compressor, Dipankar Ghosh and Mousumi Basu, XXXIIIth Optical Society of India (OSI) Symposium, Tezpur University,Sec -8, p-204, Dec., 2007.
    • Theoretical Design of Normal Dispersion Decreasing Fiber Amplifier to Obtain Self Similar Parabolic Pulses and Its Practical Aspects, Dipankar Ghosh, Mousumi Basu, IEEE Photonics Global @ Singapore, 2008, (ICOCN-2008), conf195a21, December, 2008.
    • Parabolic Pulse generation from Normal Dispersion decreasing Fiber ( NDDF ) with Gain as well as from alternate concatenation of DCFs and fiber amplifiers, Dipankar Ghosh, Mousumi Basu, Chiranjit Debnath, Somenath Sarkar, Photonics 2008, IIT Delhi, page no. 267, December, 2008.
    • Performance of straight and bent dispersion decreasing fiber amplifiers in parabolic similariton pulse formation, Dipankar Ghosh, Mousumi Basu,CODEC -09, International conference on computers and devices for communication, Kolkata, West Bengal, OLT -6167, 14-16th December, 2009.
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    • Efficient Parabolic Similariton Geneartion by Third Order Dispersion Compensation, Debasruti Chowdhury, Navonil Bose, Mousumi Basu, Sampad Mukherjee Paper Number: OLT-20-9403, Presentation Type: Oral, CODEC -2012, International conference on computers and devices for communication,(best oral paper award) Kolkata, West Bengal, December, 2012.

Courses Undertaken
  • Post Graduate:
    Mathematical Physics, Computational techniques and Numerical method, Electromagnetic Theory, Material Physics I (Physics of Semiconductors), Fiber Optics as a part of Material Physics II, Optoelectronic materials and devices as a part of Material Physics II, Fiber Amplifiers & Non-linear fiber optics as a part of Advanced Optics (Elective), Physics of Semiconductor Devices (Elective),
  • Under graduate Level:
    1st & 2nd semester Engineering Physics both Theory & Practical. 3rd semester Material Science course


Department of Physics, BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA