IIEST, Shibpur

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

(Formerly Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur)

Empowering the nation since 1856



Department of Mining Engineering

Academic Qualifications

  • Phd, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur (2004)
  • M.Tech, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (1993)
  • B.E., University of Calcutta (1990)



  1. Mobile: 9830008863(476)


  1. Email: pratik@mining.iiests.ac.in , dutta.pratik@gmail.com

Area of Research

  • Geomechanics
  • Unconventional Gas Reservoir
  • Carbon Capture and Storage

Courses Undertaken


UG Courses

  1. Rock Mechanics
  2. Funadamentals of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
  3. Rock Engineering


PG Courses

  1. Subsurface Rock Engineering and Tunneling

Recent Publications (Last 10)

  1. Das S. and Dutta, P.: Preliminary understanding of CO2 sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery in Raniganj coalfield of India by reservoir simulation, presented at GHGT-13, Lausanne, November 14-18, 2016
  2. Bhowmik, S., Dutta, P.: Adsorption rate characteristics of methane and CO2 in coal samples from Raniganj and Jharia Coalfields of India, International Journal of Coal Geology, 113 (2013), 50-59
  3. Dutta P. and Zoback, M.D.: CO2 sequestration into the Wyodak coal seam of Powder River Basin- preliminary reservoir characterization and simulation, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 9(2012), 103-116
  4. Bhowmik, S. Dutta, P.: Investigation into the methane displacement behavior by cyclic, pure carbon dioxide injection in dry, powdered, bituminous Indian coals, Energy and Fuel, 25 (6), 2730-2740, 2011
  5. Dutta, P., Bhowmik, S., Das. S.: Methane and carbon dioxide sorption on a set of coals from India, International Journal of Coal Geology,85, 289-299, 2011
  6. Dutta, P., Zoback, M.D., Yang, Y.: Preliminary reservoir characterization and simulation of a nine-section area of Powder River Basin for CO2 sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane production, Paper presented at Stanford Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics Annual Meeting, June 23-25, 2010, Stanford, California
  7. Dutta, P., Harpalani, S., Prusty, B.K.: Modeling of CO2 sorption on coal, Fuel, Vol. 87, No. 10-11, 2023-2036, August 2008
  8. Harpalani, S., Prusty, B.K., Dutta P.: Methane/CO2 sorption modeling for coalbed methane production and CO2 sequestration, Energy and Fuels, Vol. 20, No. 4, 1591-1599, 2006