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Dr.Tamaghna Acharya

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD (Engg.), Jadavpur University, 2011
  • M. Tech. , IIT kharagpur, 2005
  • B.E., B. E. College(D.U.) Shibpur, 2000



  1. Phone: 033-26684561 to 63 (ext- 548)


  1. Email: t_acharya@telecom.iiests.ac.in , tamaghna_acharya@yahoo.com

Area of Research

  • Spectrum access in 5G
  • Routing in delay tolerant networks
  • RF energy harvesting

Courses Undertaken

UG Courses

  • Principles of analog and digital communications
  • Digital signal processing
  • Basic electronics
  • Signals and systems

PG Courses

  • Advanced Digital communications
  • Wireless communications

Recent Publications (Last 10)

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  2. Roy, Animesh, Tamaghna Acharya, and Sipra DasBit. "Quality of service in delay tolerant networks: A survey." Computer Networks (2017).
  3. Basak, Surajit, and Tamaghna Acharya. "Cross layer optimization for outage minimizing routing in cognitive radio ad hoc networks with primary users’ outage protection." Journal of Network and Computer Applications 98 (2017): 114-124.
  4. Roy, Animesh, Soumit Bose, Tamaghna Acharya, and Sipra DasBit. "Social-based energy-aware multicasting in delay tolerant networks." Journal of Network and Computer Applications 87 (2017): 169-184.
  5. Chatterjee, Subhankar, Santi P. Maity, and Tamaghna Acharya. "Energy efficiency in cooperative cognitive radio network in the presence of malicious users." IEEE Systems Journal (2016).
  6. Maity, Santi P., Subhankar Chatterjee, and Tamaghna Acharya. "On optimal fuzzy c-means clustering for energy efficient cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks." Digital Signal Processing 49 (2016): 104-115.
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