IIEST, Shibpur

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

(Formerly Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur)

Empowering the nation since 1856

आई आई ई एस टि, शिवपुर

भारतीय अभियांत्रिकी विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, शिवपुर

(पूर्व में बंगाल इंजीनियरिंग एंड साइंस यूनिवर्सिटी)

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Laboratories of SMSE

  1. Heat Treatment and Materials Processing Lab – MT 103
  2. Polymer Processing Lab – MT 105 a
  3. Metallography and Polishing Lab  – MT 105 b
  4. Modeling and Optimization Lab - MT 107
  5. Microscopy and Electrical Characterization Lab – MT 111
  6. SMALL (Laboratory for Low-dimensional Advanced Material Synthesis) – MT 102 & MT 202
  7. Computer Lab – MT 207


Equipments and other facilities in different labs of SMSE:

  1. Materials Processing and Heat Treatment Lab:

This laboratory houses several furnaces (details furnished below), a two-way high rolling mill, belt grinder, bench vice, abrasive cutting wheel and related accessories.



The rolling mill and high temperature furnaces in the 1.Materials Processing and Heat Treatment Lab.

Furnace Type

Maximum Temperature



High Temperature Furnace


Tube Furnace


Salt Bath Furnace


Muffle Furnace


The furnaces may be booked (click on book) by any faculty member or research scholar of the institute, any day between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


For overnight booking please send enquiry to arijit@matsc.iiests.ac.in

  1. Metallographic Lab:

This laboratory houses the following:

  1. Polishing facilities (indigenously designed polishing wheels)                        Book
  2. Fritz P6 planetary ball mill                                                                                             Book
  3. Fritz P0 mono-mill                                                                                                            Book

The polishing weels (left) and the ball mills (right) in the metallographic lab at MND-SMSE

  1. Polymer Processing Lab:

This laboratory houses the following instruments

  1. Mechanical Stirrer (Remi RQ 120 max. speed 4000 rpm)
  2. Hot air oven
  3. Thermostatic bath
  4. Digital pH meter

Besides above the laboratory is equipped with basic accessories needed for polymer processing including reagents and glassware.

  1. Modelling and Optimization Lab

The modelling and optimization laboratory houses computational facilities that allow ab-initio modelling of materials along with multivariate optimization procedures. Density functional theory (DFT) based Materials Studio software with CASTEP and DMol3 packages enable calculations of band structure and density of states.

Besides Materials Studio there are software packages Matlab and Mathematica, using which Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Algorithm based computation are regularly performed.

  1. Microscopy and Electrical Characterization Lab:

The microscopy laboratory houses:

  1. Optical microscope - Olympus CK 4OM and Olympus GX41

Book online

  1. LECO LM 100 Micro-Vickers tester

Book online

  1. I-V characteristics measurement facility – KEITHLEY 2602B system source meter

Book online


The Olympus optical microscope (left), LECO LM 100 Micro-Vickers tester (centre) and the Keithley 2602B double channel source meter (right)

  1. SMALL (Laboratory for Low-dimensional Advanced Material Synthesis)

Development of a variety of nanostructures, ranging from metal, semiconductor to conducting polymer and topological insulators like graphene are carried out using the different facilities available at SMALL. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1.        General purpose and HF acid usage fume hoods (make: Labguard) with continuous supply of DI water, nitrogen, argon, etc that provides a clean environment for variety of chemical synthesis
  2. Glove box (MTI corporation) that can be evacuated and purged with different gases

Book online

  1. Single chamber PECVD  (Hind Hi Vac) with turbo pump

Book online

  1. Optical microscope (Olympus)
  2. Microbalance (Metler Tolledo)
  3. Spin coater (Apex)
  4. Millipore DI water units – Elix and Direct Q both capable of supplying 18 MΩ-cm resistivity water
  5. Centrifuge (Tarson up to 14000 rpm, Remi up to 10,000 rpm)
  6. Hot Air oven
  7.        Temperature controlled Ultrasonic bath (Piezo Usonic)
  8. Probe sonicator (Piezo Usonic)
  9. UV-visible spectrometer (Jasco V750) with integrating sphere                          

Book online

  1. Photoluminescence spectrometer (Horiba Jobin Yvon Nanolog) with quantum yield measurement facility

Book online

  1. 325 nm HeCd laser
  2. Indigenously designed electrochemical etching unit with computer controlled interface.

The indigenously designed (left) and labguard (right) fumehoods and the Hind Hi Vac PECVD (centre) at SMALL

The microscope and spectrometers at SMALL