Center of Excellence for Green Energy and Sensor Systems

About the Center

The Centre of Excellence for Green Energy and Sensor Systems (CEGESS) has started functioning as a seat of multi-disciplinary research and education in the year 2009. The need to integrate the efforts of scientists and engineers working with different aspects of green energy and sensors has been the primary motivation for the creation of this centre. This centre on Green Energy and Sensor Systems is perhaps the first of its kind in the country to promote research and manpower development in both the areas in an integrated fashion. This is intended to impart a comprehensive overview of two closely related modern technologies largely based on semiconductor technology and electronics. We emphasize providing a holistic approach in research to create new knowledge and lay the foundations for new technologies. The centre aims at providing quality postgraduate education to meritorious undergraduates with a keen interest in both the fields of green energy and sensor systems. Students in CEGESS are provided with an educational grounding in the fundamental principles to enable them to undertake cutting edge research in these fields. The research and education at CEGESS are closely associated with industry and several national & foreign academic institutions of repute to foster cutting edge research and establish ourselves as a leader in this field. Interests and activities in the centre include solar cell design, fabrication and characterization with a special focus on nanomaterials , solar photovoltaic systems design and development , solar energy storage system , smart microgrid , sensor design ,fabrication and characterization using novel materials and methods for agricultural, environmental , automobile and healthcare applications (including quantum dot-based biosensors) and development of SMART sensor system. The centre also undertakes Industry Interactive Development and service including consultancy services.

The centre has been recognized as the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA ) Centre of Excellence for cooperative R&D and manpower training in the field of solar energy by the Department of Power, Govt. of West Bengal. The centre is also engaged in the design and development of multimedia resource material intended both for the academic and industry.

Vision & Mission

The vision of CEGESS is to introduce, practice and expand a sensible comprehensive strategy of photovoltaic technology education and research through different phases to improve lifestyle in environmentally friendly and non-polluting ways. Our vision also recognizes the incubation of next-generation green technologies through partnerships with academic institutions and the industries.


  • To promote renewable energy in general and solar energy in particular.
  • To conduct cutting-edge research as a frontline R&D incubator through a multi-disciplinary approach in the field of PV technology.
  • To contribute to the development of highly qualified and innovative personnel through specialized training and knowledge build-up in areas of solar energy.
  • To strategize the industry interactive research and collaborative activities and lead by innovation in the field of green technology with the aim of transmission of the research/innovation output into the industrial domain rendering green energy affordable, competitive and reliable as an energy alternative.
  • To promote the vision of PV technology among academic, industrial, and public sectors through the preparation and dissemination of multimedia materials in the field.

Academic Programs

# Title Duration Specializations Curriculum
1 Master of Technology (M. Tech.) 2 years

 Renewable Energy Science and Technology (2 years)

2 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)

Solar cell, MEMS, Gas Sensor, Semiconductor devices, Micro grid, Power Electronics, Fuel cell

Research Areas

1 Advanced research on thin film silicon solar cells
2 Artificial photosynthesis
3 Integrated Bio-Solar-Wind-VRFB storage based smart microgrid system
4 Optics and Optoelectronics Devices
5 Other advanced energy devices and Sensors
6 Self-Cleaning of PV module
7 Silicon and non-silicon based advanced solar cells
8 Solar Photovoltaics and Systems
9 Storage systems (Redox flow and Li+-ion battery)

Research Scholars

Anupam Nandi
Ph. D.
Supervisor: Hiranmay Saha

Apurba Baral
Ph. D

Advanced Functional Materials for Energy and Environment

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Arijit Bardhan Roy
Ph. D

Light Management Schemes in Thin Silicon Solar Cells

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Arnab Dhara
Ph. D

High Energy Synthesis of Hybrid Metal Oxide Systems for Better Light Harvesting and Their Applications

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Deepanjana Adak
Ph. D.
Supervisor: Raghunath Bhattacharya

Dibyendu Kumar Ghosh
Ph. D
Supervisor: Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Epsita Kar
Ph. D

Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Gr-IV oxides embedded PVDF Composites

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Gourab Das
Ph. D.
Supervisor: Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Hiranmay Samanta
Ph. D
Supervisor: Hiranmay Saha

Jayasree Roy Sharma
Ph. D.
Supervisor: Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Joydip Jana
Ph. D.
Supervisor: Hiranmay Saha

Nabin Chandra Mandal
Ph. D
Supervisor: Hiranmay Saha

Pritam Banerjee
Ph. D
Supervisor: Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Rimpa Mondal
Ph. D

Electrochemical Sensing of Serotonin and Dopamine

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Saheli Sengupta
Ph. D
Supervisor: Hiranmay Saha

Shiladitya Acharya
Ph. D
Supervisor: Partha Chaudhuri

Sourav Sadhukan
Ph. D
Supervisor: Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Sudarshana Banerjee
Ph. D

Encapsulated Silver and Silver Sulphide Nanostructures for Photovoltaic and Environmental Applications

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Sugato Ghosh
Ph. D

Fabrication of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Based Sensors and MEMS for Selective Detection of Hazardous Gases at Low Operating Temperature

Supervisor: Nillohit Mukherjee

Sukanta Bose
Ph. D.
Supervisor: Hiranmay Saha

Susmita Biswas
Ph. D
Supervisor: Sumita Mukhopadhyay

Tamalika Panda
Ph. D
Supervisor: Partha Chaudhuri


  • 1 Development of carrier selective tunneling rear contact on n-type and p-type Silicon Wafers for ultra-low surface recombination velocity and their implementation for lab scale (3" *3") efficiency (>20%) solar cells
    Funding Agent: DST
    PI: Prof. Hiranmay Saha

  • 2 DST Solar PV HUB at IIEST Shibpur
    Funding Agent: Sponsored
    PI: Prof. Partha Chaudhuri
    Consultants: Prof. Hiranmay Saha, Prof. Samarjit Sengupta, Prof. Raghu Bhattacharyay

  • 3 Si/ZnO/ZnMgO/PEDOT: PSS/P3HT:PC61 BM hybrid bulk heterojunction (BHJ) architecture based organic solar cell: efficiency enhancement approach through the optical structure modification
    Funding Agent: DST
    PI: Dr. Santanu Maity

  • 4 Implementation of optical biosensor using nano TiO2 material
    Funding Agent: AICTE
    PI: Dr. Santanu Maity

  • 5 Flexible Polymer Nanocomposite Films for Energy Generation and Microwave Shielding Applications
    Funding Agent: Sponsored
    PI: Dr. Nillohit Mukherjee

  • 6 Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces for Enzymeless Electrochemica Sensing of Serotonin and Dopamine
    Funding Agent: Sponsored
    PI: Dr. Nillohit Mukherjee

  • 7 Flexible super capacitors based on carbon nano materials for energy storage
    Funding Agent: Sponsored
    PI: Dr. Nillohit Mukherjee
    Consultants: Dr. Navonil Bose

  • Publications

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