Project completed last 5 years (new addition)


  • Project entitled “Development of high- strength,  low-carbon multiphase steels,  (YS~1000 MPa, UTS~1300 MPa and Elongation 40-50%)” - Sponsored by Ministry of Steel (MoS), Govt. of India ( This project is identified by Ministry of Steel, GoI as National Project for Capacity Augmentation) ... Rs 6.50 crore", PI: N R Bandhopadhyay


  • Project entitled ‘Synthesis of some one or two dimensional carbon nanostructures/related composites and its novel electronic applications by virtue of its amorphousness’, PI: Dr. D. Banerjee, DST-SERB, Under First Track Research Grant, GoI, 23.00 Lakhs


  • Project entitled ‘Development of fire-retardant durable jute nano composites for high end structural applications’, PI: Prof. S. Chatterjee, Ministry of Textiles, GOI, 78.00 Lakhs


  • Project entitled ‘Development of nanofiber reinforced plant polymer based durable, fire-retardant biocomposites’, PI: Dr. P. Saha, SEED-DST, Under SYST Scheme, GoI., 31.00 Lakhs


  • Project entitled ‘Engineered Biomimetic Cellulose Nano-scaffold for Skin and Bone Replacement’, PI: Dr. P. Saha, DST-SERB, Under Early Career Research Grant, GoI, 42.00 Lakhs