Notice Details

Registration in Superset and ZIFO Portal

The Superset portal is now open for registration and enrollment. All the students of the respective department may register and enroll in superset portal to avail themselves of the campus recruitment opportunity.

Now here is one opportunity from ZIFO RnD Solutions for the PG students in Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics and Food Processing & Nutrition Science, which is notified in Superset.
The deadlines are once again given below. Please advise the students to follow the dead line and no request for extension will be accepted.
On completion of registration in superset portal for ZIFO, a link will be sent to the students for registration in ZIFO portal.
Deadlines are:
1. Registration in Superset for ZIFO : 10AM 22/10/2020.
2. Registration in ZIFO portal       : 12PM, 23/10/2020.
3. Tentative on line test            : 28/10/2020.