Human Resource Management

About the Department

The erstwhile Training and Placement of the Institute was rechristened as the Department of Human Resource Department in the year 1994-95. A Professor heads the department with the non-teaching staff assisting him. A Placement Adviser has been appointed since 2016 to facilitate the functioning of the department. The department engages in the following activities:

  • Job Placements of students of the university through campus and off-campus selection processes
  • Internship of students at various industries and research institutes
  • Vocational / Summer Training of the students 
  • Grooming (Personality/Soft-Skill/ Performance Effectiveness) Programme for the students
  • Remedial Training for students
  • Preparatory Programmes for competitive examinations and other educational options abroad
  • Industry Interaction Programme / Academic Collaborations
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Innovation & IPR awareness and facilitation
  • Research & Consultancy
  • Offering Ph.D. Programme
  • Career Counselling

Academic Programs

# Title Duration Specializations Curriculum
1 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)
  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. IPR
  3. Innovation and HR

Research Areas

1 Entrepreneurship
2 Environmental Planning
3 Innovation

Staff Members

Asim Deb

Placement Adviser

Malay Garai

Senior Stenographer

Ram Sunder Yadav

Junior Assistant

Sudersan Mahato

Jr. Darwan

Sudipta Das

Junior Assistant

Tushar Kanti Mitra

Sr. Darwan

Research Scholars

Arundhati Banerjee
Ph. D.
9143011530 / 9432498858


Supervisor: M. K. Sanyal

Jnui Deb Mallik Datta
Ph. D.


Supervisor: M. K. Sanyal

Monalika Dey
Ph. D.
6290991844 / 9433423850

Strategic Application of TQM in Micro-finance Institutions Towards Efficiency Enhancement

Supervisor: M. K. Sanyal

Sukanya Ghosh
Ph. D.

Appraisal of III-defined Issues in Governmental Affordable Housing Programme for Urban Poor through Application of Soft System Methodology: Case Studies in Slums of India

Supervisor: Souvanic Roy
Co-Supervisor: M. K. Sanyal


  • 1 GCRF Living Deltas HUB
    Funding Agent:
    PI: Souvanic Roy
    Consultants: M.K.Sanyal

  • Publications

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