Cultural & Sports Societies

Robodarshan - the Robotics Society

ROBODARSHAN, the Robotics Society of IIEST Shibpur, is one of the most active student societies helping in inculcating among students the scientific temper & zeal to show how robotics is closely related to our daily world and how they make our lives easier by "AUTOMATON". Founded in 2009, the club became an official part of "Centre for Creative Expressions" in 2011 and since then the club has been progressing with leaps and bounds. Thanks to the intelligent students who become active members of this club enabling smooth functioning by occupying key positions of responsibilities. The club now operates under "HJBSIC-ROBODARSHAN", along with Student's Innovation Centre, under the able guidance of Prof. Syed Minhaz Hossain, our professor-in-charge as well as our mentor.
We believe "There's nothing a bot can't do!!"
Swarm Robotics : Swarm intelligence (SI) is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. Tree Climbing Robot : Mostly for surveillance at locations where modern technologies can't always be applied, the tree climbing bot can be used. Quadcopter : Quadcopters generally use two pairs of identical fixed pitched propellers; two clockwise (CW) and two counter-clockwise (CCW). HUMANOID OpenSource

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Les Thespians - The dramatics society

The dramatics society of IIEST, Shibpur, Les Thespians has produced many successful and hugely acclaimed theatrical productions since 2009. The society helps the theatre enthusiasts in this institute to build a common platform based on friendship. Simply speaking, theatre is just their medium of making new friends. Les Thespians also hosts the hugely popular drama festival Anuranon (Resonance) every year in the Institute campus. The festival is a week long, and hosts a good collection of theatrical shows - both stage performances and street theatres - from professionals and amateurs alike. Professional theatrical groups like Suman Mukhopadhyaya's Tritiyo Sutro, Koushik Sen's Swapnasandhani, Blank Verse, Ayena Natyo Goshthi, Alternating Living Theatre have staged their hugely acclaimed plays in Anuranon. In Anuranon 5, Les Thespians has modified its definition by welcoming dramatics society from other colleges and institutes like Technology Dramatics Society Druheen, IIT Kharagpur, and Vidyasagar Day College, Kolkata, to stage their plays here.

Catharsis - The Photography Society

Founded as BECPhoS [Bengal Engineering College Photographic Society] in 1971 and later reformed as Catharsis in 2009, this society has come a long way. Catharsis is a platform for creative expressions through the medium of photographs. Photography is a way of capturing moments, memories and preserving them forever. Catharsis aims to inculcate a love of photography among students. Seeing the universe through the lens, it helps young photo-enthusiasts to interpret a world of their own. The objective of Catharsis is to inculcate the love for art photography among the student community. Looking through the lens, we attempt to present our own interpretation of the complex world around us, with the faint hope that this will help us to move one small step forward towards a better tomorrow. Catharsis carries the legacy of BECPHOS, the first photographic club of this institute (then known as the Bengal Engineering College) that was established in the seventies. BECPHOS was active for about a decade, before fizzling out in early eighties due to various reasons. After a long, bleak period, in 2008, a handful of students of BESU decided to pursue photography as an art. That is how Catharsis came into being. Email address :

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Euphony - The Music club

Life at IIEST(formerly BESU) campus is filled with a variety of self-enriching activities. They fulfil the expectations of students in all spheres of life, including Art & Culture, Sports & Fitness, Social Service and Technology among others. A number of clubs, societies and other organizations provide a wide range of activities outside the curriculum to satisfy one's needs of intellectual pleasure. The Music club is a vibrant and elite society of musically gifted students who come together and create fascinating melodies. The purpose of the club is to showcase the musical talent of the students. The club encourages young musicians to interact with each other and gives them an appropriate jam pad. It enables students to utilize their free time productively and do something what they, as music enthusiasts, are passionate about. The club recognizes exceptional talent and promotes it in the right direction. The students in the executive body arrange practice sessions for intra as well as inter college events. Thus, if a student wants to excel in the field of music, the club gives a platform to help achieve that goal. Symphony of the Soul is the only recluse for mankind. And it is for the achieving of this salvation that Euphony, the Music Society of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur was formed. The Music Club has no dearth of instruments, and is constantly busy in nurturing new talents. Membership is restricted to the students of IIEST, Shibpur Only.

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LitSoc - The Society of literature

The one stop for all your literary and creative needs, that is how the literary society 'LITSOC' is defined which is one of the most educating and creative societies of our college IIEST. If you've got a knack for expressing your emotions and thoughts eloquently on a piece of paper, if you're able to piece together a bunch of letters into some words and arrange those individual words to possess a coherent meaning that leaves an indelible mark on the reader's consciousness, start running and don't stop until you've joined us. But in an engineering college, such individuals rarely exist. So, this goes out to all of you. To each and every individual who is reading this. Even if you've never written for writing's sake before, even if the very mention of Mark Twain or Shakespeare sends a shiver down your spine, we are here for you. And we desperately want you to join us. Why? What do you have to gain from this? We'll give you an argument you won't be able to refute. In a single day, we face different situations that invoke various emotions. Sometimes we are happy. Mostly we are irritated and exasperated. We believe emotions need to be released periodically. It's like gas – The longer you hold it in, higher is your discomfort. However, gas can't be trapped inside indefinitely. Sooner or later is seeps out (Ignore that!). Emotions are much easier to subdue. But they are much more lethal. Suppressed emotions can wreak havoc. They can destroy your mental makeup. You can be doing a fairly good job of confiding it until Wham! One day, a minor incident can trigger a flood, and all the emotions pour out in a turbulent mix of feelings and sensations which overpowers you and drains you completely. We don't want that to happen to you. Emotions are meant to be expressed. And if not in speech, then surely in writing; Writing's a sure shot way to release all your frustrations, all the insecurities, doubts and anger that has accumulated in your mind over the course of the day. It makes you a tad bit happier. You feel peaceful. We want you to have that. We are a fledgling society; we need all the help we can get. Over the course of our brief existence, we've published two e-magazines, both of which have been well received. We aim to create an atmosphere conducive to creativity and originality. In the coming days, we have a lot of exciting events lined up for you. You're going to get plenty of opportunities to indulge the writer in you. We hope you have been motivated enough to join us! We are waiting for you. Contact : Sekhar Chowdhury: 9474669049, Saniul Haque: 9163174307, Anurag Malakar: 8961409440

Quizmaniac BEings

Founded way back on 9th April, 2008, Quizmaniac Beings is the oldest and most prestigious club of IIEST Shibpur. Under the mentorship of Dr. Indranath Sinh, the club has come a long way from its humble beginnings in N235, to having already organized the first of its kind and the largest quiz of Kolkata. From Tata Crucible winner Santanu Dey(Class of '89) to Spring Fest winner Shanto Ganguly (Class of '14) to Biz Quiz Runners Up Souvik Maity, Debneel Bagchi, Deepan Das and Shreya Sharma at Kshitij, 2015, Quizmaniac Beings has established itself over the years as a force to be reckoned with in the Calcutta Quizzing Circuit.
Quizmaniac BEings proudly organized the biggest and the first National Open Quiz Festival by a college in India in 2015 - Gyandhara, with the help and support of the Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering and Science University (GAABESU), marked by the SWAG quotient of the then "Prez" - Swarnava Majumdar (Class of '15), which witnessed high profile quizzers and quizmasters of national repute like Major Chandrakanth Nair, Mr. Souvik Basu and Mr. Somnath Chanda. The event boasted of a net footfall of 1200 quizzers from top universities and colleges across India apart from the classics who arrived the great Indian wine cellar of quizzers.
The most unique aspect of Quizmaniac BEings among all the IIEST student clubs/societies is the active participation and contribution of the club alumni, who passionately follow weekly sessions of the club and come down all the way to participate in the round-the-year quizzes organized by the club.
Quizmaniac BEings has had the privilege of hosting and organizing the first competitive event for the freshers every year, in the form of Nascent Quizzogen - The freshers' Quiz. This year witnessed a record participation from the recently admitted first year students, and the next crop of Quizmaniac BEings are being ready to take on the city and national quizzing circuit legends.

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SCAGE - Creative Arts and Green Environment

Description - The Society for Creative Arts and Green Environment (SCAGE) is a society under the Center for Creative Expression of The Indian Institute Of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. The function of this Society in the Institute of National Importance (INI) is to remain associated with the betterment of the campus ambience by improvising creativity and by nurturing creative arts (graphics).
History - It was founded on 02nd March 2015 by Ayan Roy, a 4th Year student from the Department of Architecture Town and Regional Planning, IIEST Shibpur under the guidance of Professor Aditya Bandyopadhyay.
First Work - The first work of the Society was a Graffiti named, The Evolution. This was inaugurated by the Governor of Tripura, Prof. Tathagata Roy in presence of the Director of IIEST Shibpur, Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray and our Mentor Prof. Aditya Bandyopadhyay on 11th September 2015. The General Body Members who worked for this graffiti were : Vishwas Mishra, Abhijit Ghosh, Saptarshi Mondal, Kaustav Dhar, Sourjomoy Bhattacharjee, Pragna Debnath, Tamali Basu, Subham Sah, Arijit Ghosh, Debanjana Deb, Saisha Mattoo(Treasurer,2015-16), Ankita Sil, Nirabhra Mandal(Assistant GS,2015-16), Soumyodeep Das, Sayak Banerjee, Tazin Promy and Ayan Roy(Gen. Secretary,2015-16).
Supporting Members - Srestha Nath, Shagufta Naz, Subhasree Das, Arpita Ghosh, Dipannita Kundu, Aratrika Debnath. Objective - This Society promises to remain active in betterment of this campus and keep nurturing creativity at its highest level.

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Society of Games and Sports

Sports at IIEST, Shibpur was an idea, it was started by a bunch of enthusiasts who aimed at bringing up the sports culture of this prestigious institution. We are now a family of more than 2000 sports enthusiasts, we are thankful to all of them and hope everyone keeps showing us the same support for years to come. The important events are as follows 1) Football Tournament
2) Cricket Tournament
3) Chess Tournament
4) Basketball etc
5) International yoga day

Additionally, the General Secretary and the captain council has decided to include women in the Sports Board of IIEST, Shibpur. Therefore, alongwith this council there will be a Women Sports Committee to be formed in the coming weeks consisting of girls to be a part of every sport. The Captain Council and the Women Sports Committee will be lead by the general secretary for the session 2019-2020. The annual athletics meet 2019 T-shirt is now available for grabs. All the registered participants and volunteers can collect it from the gym. The facebook link which have the day to day activities regarding Sports.

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CodeIIEST is one of the newest clubs of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. Formed in Nov'14 , the club has been actively involved in cultivating comprehensive skills in computer science among the students. The club consists of various enthusiasts and is a wonderful hub for a plethora of informative and interactive sessions. The students keep themselves updated with the emerging technologies, which further help them strengthen their skills and enhance creativity and innovation.
The main aim of this club is to create a platform for the ones who have a knack in competitive coding where they can discuss problems, algorithms and other related stuff. Other than that, we organize tutorial sessions and online algorithmic competitions.
Our innovative minds find out the different ways we can use machine learning to solve our real life problems effectively and efficiently.
This club is mainly for the people who are interested in InfoSec. We focus on Reverse Engineering, Web Apps Security, Android Security, Binary Exploitation, Hardware Hacking and what not, You name it we do it. Email :

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DebSoc - The Debating Society

The aim of the society is to serve as a platform for avid debaters and help build a debating culture on campus. his group allows people from the past and present of IIEST,Shibpur (erstwhile BESU) to debate on any topic posted. Whilst being reasonably inclusive and generally pretty slack, there are some caveats to this: 1)There is no restriction on choice of language. Use the medium you are most comfortable with! 2) Try your best to remain civil. Constant rowdiness will result in a ban. 3) We don't mind a bit of trolling now and again, but if it becomes disruptive, then again, it will result in a ban. 4) We're *not* an open forum to advertise other pages/your own products/your crap band etc. Doing so will result in the posts being deleted. Do it more than once, and the banhammer comes out again. 5) Any citation requests must be met or the point conceded. This is a debate group, not a 'post your opinions and hope for the best' group. 6) All forms of personal attack will not be tolerated, (this is including racial, religious, gender and sexual orientation based slurs will not be tolerated. You will receive one warning and if you continue banning will most likely ensue. Members should be able to enjoy civil debates and discussions without personal attacks. 7) No threads about other members, especially not derogatory ones. 8) Do not delete comments or threads. Do this more than once and it will be a ban. 9) Posts must be questions or debate topics. Not a picture of a cat or something. Memes et al are fine, as long as there is an accompanying debate point. 10) Anyone caught with multiple accounts in here will find all of their accounts removed. 11) DO NOT BLOCK ANY ADMIN. I don't care if you hate them, if you block an admin you will be banned. They kind of need to see what you're up to. ;) Right, we think that's all of the rules. Lastly, just a couple of things to consider: 1) Has an admin deleted your comment? Tough. They obviously thought it broke one of the above rules. Complaining about it will achieve nothing. 2) All of the admins are the world's greatest people, and should be treated as demi-gods at all times. I may or may not be able to back this up empirically.

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Reflexo Beta - the Dance Society

Reflexo Beta, The Official Dance Club of IIEST, Shibpur. One of the highly active club of IIEST Shibpur. Dancing is one of the most common and popular ways of expression; let's make our voices audible to the world! Happy International Dance Day, everyone! Keep Dancing!. Place:- Student's Amenities Center Contact:- Arjun - 7829818068 Adrij - 9957015805

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