School of Management Sciences

About the School

School of Management Sciences (SOMS) is an integral part of IIEST, Shibpur. SOMS started its journey as B.E. College School of Management Sciences (BECSOMS) in the year 1999 for management education with the commitment of meeting the need of professional managers in the Indian industries.

Over 20 years, SOMS has emerged as an Institution of excellence in all facets of management education with highly specialized, sophisticated & 21st Century oriented courses and curriculum. The goal of SOMS is to achieve professional growth through holistic management education to shape future leaders for the corporate through the intermingling of functional knowledge of Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resource Management.

The faculties work in close association with various Government institutions and industries to embrace the latest changes in business and industry in the syllabus. Faculty members are continuously undertaking relevant research and developmental activities which help to improve the quality of teaching materials and cases relevant to various subjects. SOMS has over the years maintained an excellent reputation with recruiters and the industry, in general achieving consistent good placement figures. The School of Management Sciences offers an MBA program and research program leading to a Ph.D. in Management.

The MBA program at SOMS is designed with a well-balanced theory-practical orientation. First two semesters are intended to impart foundation knowledge about the various facets of management field and the subsequent two semesters are used for imparting domain specific knowledge in the area in which one student opts to specialize. Different teaching methods like case studies, simulation games, group discussions, group seminars, scenario building and project work are used to make the teaching-learning process interesting. Students are encouraged to analyze, innovate and prepare themselves for professional challenges of the industry. Additionally, in order to enable the student to acumen the real-life management scenario, the course also requires a student to undertake a compulsory industrial training of minimum forty-five days in the area in which one specializes.

Vision & Mission


To be one of the best in building a business environment in India, to nurture future corporate leaders and entrepreneurs of the country along with creating and disseminating knowledge in the field of management and allied disciplines.


To position the School of Management Sciences, Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur as one of the most dynamic and inspiring Business School of the country that will satisfy the corporate and societal needs of today and tomorrow. To provide value-based management education and research, groom management students into excellent managers with entrepreneurial competence, humane approach, interdisciplinary innovative thinking and adaptability to the fast-changing business environment.


Commitment to academic excellence

• Fostering creativity

• Global perspective

• Enhancing Intellectual depth

• Holistic value-addition for societal welfare

• Promoting national and global economic development

Academic Programs

# Title Duration Specializations Curriculum
1 Master of Business Administration (M B A) 2 years
  • 16 Core and 8 Elective Management Papers
  • 4 Specializations (Operations, HRM, Marketing, Finance,) with the option to different Major-Minor combinations
  • Total 8 Open Elective Papers for other departments (4 each in even & odd semester)
2 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)

Management Science

Research Areas

1 Management Science

Staff Members

Goutam Sarkar

Office Assistant

Pranab Satpathi

Office Peon

Sukanta Guha

Office Peon

Research Scholars

Aparupa Kar
Ph. D.

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Prof. Amitava Basu Mallick

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