Life @ IIEST, Shibpur

Apart from Excellent Academic and Research Environment in the residential campus amidst by the greenery and water bodies of the institute, IIEST, Shibpur is like a beautiful garden in a Metro City and close to the River Ganga - there are numerios scopes to enrich your skills in every possible direction - There are festivals or the fests both Social and Technical - there are departmental fests as well as awareness programs - programs for social resposiblity and human rights, care for animals etc - There are so many Academic Socities - there are Cultural, Social and Sports Societies to enrich your extracurricular activities - there are so many events to enhance your aptitude and presence of minds - there are free thinking societies for debates etc - there are impeccable occasions to meet with your alumni and have connect with the industry people.

Why are we Best ?

Apart from education and knowledge IIEST, Shibpur focuses to enhance and enrich your extracurricular activities as well.


IIEST, Shibpur is the home of the oldest institute fest in India, REBECA. Apart from it we have technical fest, departmental fest, games and sports competition and much more. Enjoy the fests and have a excellent life @ IIEST, Shibpur

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Academic Societies

Academic Societies are very important to enhance your academic skills - discuss and interact with your friends, professors and seniors here - gather more knowledge and replenish your loopholes. They also organize events time to time to understand your strength and weakness.

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Social and Sports Societies

These Societies can help you enhance your extracurricular activities - enrich your hidden talents and hobies. Whatever your area of interest is either it is Dance or Music or Quiz or Debate, Games and Sports, Robotics, Coding you will get full support here.

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Created: 23 November 2019