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Electrical Engineers' Society

Electrical Engineers' Society, IIEST Shibpur is an independent organization of a large group of students, teachers and hobbyists around Kolkata and beyond. Through regularly scheduled conferences and workshops on electrical engineering we serve as the perfect platform to share ideas, exchange information and contribute to the advancement of technology.
The electrical engineers' society, IIEST Shibpur is a link between students and faculty of electrical engineering department.We are an integral part of the department. It is an independent body for carrying out workshops, seminars and other welfare programs for budding electrical engineers. The society is made up of varied collection of individuals who are working together to organize cultural and technical events like freshers' welcome, farewell and various interactive sessions.
"Electrical engineers' society, IIEST Shibpur is an organisation by students, for students to help them think out of the box. We at EES, have an ambition to take this initiative to a global level and contribute to the advancement of technology. Anybody who is an electrical engineering enthusiast, can become a part of this community and exchange ideas for the development of this society "
Prof. Bhaskaran Barman PROF. IN-CHARGE OF Electrical engineers' society

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Society of Civil Engineers

Society Of Civil Engineers is a society formed by the students of Civil Engineering department along with the active and motivating leadership of the faculty members of Civil Engineering department of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Tecchnology, Shibpur. Under the banner SOCCE, we students under the vigilance and assistance of our respected professors organize various events each year ranging from Brainstormers, Quizzes, Debates, Industrial Training, Educational Tour, Cultural programs, publishing a Technical Journal related to Civil Engineering, etc. SOCCE has its roots implanted in 1957 and since then has been on the constant endeavour of innovative thoughts relating to Civil Engineering, thanks to the buttress provided by its strong Alumni Base. We at SOCCE believes that to excel in life, there should be constant innovation supplemented by co-curricular activities.
We organize the following :
1) Online Photography Contest , 2) On-the-Spot Essay Writing Competion, 3) T-shirt designing competition, 4) Fresher's Welcome, 5) Mini Marathon , 6) Udbhabani - Kolkata's largest Civil Engineering technical fest, 7) First Responder Workshop, 8) Farewell ceremony

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Society of Mechanical Engineers

Society of Mechanical Engineers, IIEST, Shibpur was founded by the Mechanical Engineers of IIEST, Shibpur with the help of the Faculty Members. Beside freshers welcome and farewell of our seniors we organize several events which are as follows :
Workshop on AutoCAD
IMPETUS :The Technical Fest organized by Society of Mechanical Engineers, IIEST, Shibpur and for the Mechanical Engineers. The response has been phenomenal! 67 Teams, Over 200 participants. We are overwhelmed, and we can't find words to express the gratitude we feel.
Wall Magazine(Akriti) : We are happy to announce we have published the first Wall Magazine(Akriti) of our department this year. We thank all the students who sent in some great articles and literary compositions.

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Academic Society of Electronics & Telecommunication Engg

This Academic Society is the Electronics Engineering students of the IIEST, Shibpur. Team EDC feels proud to be a part of this esteemed institution which has secured 19th position among the engineering institutes and 36th overall position in the NIRF Rankings 2019. This year has been the beginning of many new things in our department. But guess what, this streak isn't over yet! This time it's the inception of the very first edition of our Annual Departmental Magazine - "SPANDAN". VAIDYUTAK is a tech fest which we organize.
A logo is used to symbolize an entity for example an event,organisation, community or even an initiative. It is a golden opportunity for all the inquisitive minds to participate, interact and get inspired by the top individuals of various prestigious organizations of the country, participating in Industrial meet and panel discussions. So what better than a transistor, to symbolize the sole technical fest presented by the Academic society of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. A transistor is primarily used for amplification and so was the aim for organising Vaidyutak, to present an amplified version of the department's existence inside the college campus along with its interaction with the industry.

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Students Society Of Architecture And Town Planning

Students' Society of Architecture and Town Planning (SSAT) was formed in the year 1952, by the then students of Bengal Engineering College. The society was revived again in the year 2014. The SSAT body is mainly involved with the students' affairs like participation in various competitions like NASA and ZONASA, as well as competitions organized by the other famed names in the field of architecture, organizing seminars and workshops, extracurricular and cultural activities, publication of the Annual Departmental Magazine, as well as organizing the Annual Departmental Reunion "SMRITI". The main focus of the SSAT body is to ensure the welfare of the students. The SSAT body forms the bridge between the students and the teachers of the Department. It is the pledge of the SSAT body to make sure that the students of the Department achieve success in whatever activity they take part in.
We all are very happy to proclaim that Students Society of Architecture and Town Planning (SSAT) are active again. The efforts and planning of the last few years have finally inspired us to revive the legacy of SSAT. There are several events and agendas that we shall try to set up in this year (e.g. – revive the SSAT Magazine, Organizing the Departmental Reunion, Making a Departmental Archive in Digital Format, Starting Printing Facility for Students in Our Department) and apart from these – we are also participating in NASA, ZONASA and several National/Zonal level competition and workshops. Also this year, our first priority is to regain contact with the vast fraternity of alumnus of our department by various ways. In this process we would seek your guidance and advice in every step to fulfill our efforts. We shall be very happy if you kindly give your opinion and advice regarding this whole process and we believe that your experience and involvement will enrich ourselves.

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Society of Aerospace Engg & Applied Mechanics

The first Air-O-Trivia organised by Society of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics, IIEST Shbpur in 2016. Following last year's success, Air-O-Trivia 2k17 was bigger, better and more fun!

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The Society of Students Metallurgists

Amidst the girth of knowledge, the Society of Students Metallurgists (SSM) on behalf of Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur formed under the guidance of acclaimed faculty members intends to promote the enthusiasts to work in the field of research and at industries. The vivid and infamous history of the Society is silver – lined by some of the very eminent and finest metallurgists the world has ever seen since the establishment of the department in 1939. With the glory the department has seen in the past, the Society of Student Metallurgists believes to maintain the dignity and serenity throughout the time. The commitment, dedication and unstained glory leads us here at SSM to witness excellence in the field of both industry and academics.
Objective - This Society promises to remain active in betterment of this campus and keep nurturing creativity at its highest level.

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Society of VLSI Technology (SOVT)

Hello and Welcome to the official page of the Society of VLSI Technology (SOVT), IIEST Shibpur. On 8th April, 2016, this new academic society of the School of VLSI Technology, has been formed under the Students' Senate of IIEST Shibpur. It has begun its journey with loads of enthusiasm and motivation. Our primary objective is to strengthen the Industry-Academic and Socio-Academic relationships. Our Society will also take initiatives for the student community to develop key technological skills for the betterment of employability.
The Society website has been inaugurated by Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, IIEST Shibpur in the presence of Prof. Kaushik Roy, Professor, Purdue University and Prof. Hafizur Rahaman, Director, SOVLSIT, IIEST Shibpur on 13th June during the GIAN inauguration program.

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Society of Mining Engineers

Initium- The National Mining Tech Festival. INITIUM is the Annual Technical Festival of Department of Mining Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. Technical Fest, first of its kind, that would consider 3 structure that is the Students, Alumni and Mining Industry.
Every journey of a student must start with an experience of a lifetime, especially when they are the best in the country.
Mining being a discipline of utmost importance for the society, holds us responsible for building a sustainable nation. Through this outreach of partnership with RoughSheet as our Social Media Partner, we hereby establish our outreach towards our society. Introducing you to our Freshmen Volunteers for INITIUM 2018. Congratulations and welcome to Team INITIUM 2018. The ones who are not up in the shell, don't worry you are the ones inside it.

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Created: 23 November 2019