School of VLSI Technology

About the School

The School was established in July 2006 starting with a flagship course of M-Tech (VLSI Design) with an intake of 12 students. There was a special initiative from the Ministry of IT, Govt. of India with a Special Manpower Development Project (Phase II) for the necessary help to establish School. The need to integrate into the efforts of scientists and engineers working with different fields of microelectronics and semiconductors devices has been the primary motivation of the creation of this school.  

The research and education at School of VLSI Technology is closely associated with industry and several other primary academic Institutions of repute with an aim to foster cutting edge research and establishes the School as one of the pronounced leaders in the field of VLSI and Microelectronics.

In the School of VLSI Technology, we have sufficient latest VLSI tools and hardware in our VLSI and Embedded systems Laboratories. The UG/PG/Doctoral students from Information Technology/Computer Science/Electronic Engg./Electrical Engg. are getting exposure to these industry-standard tools and equipment. In eastern India, only two or three universities/institutes have this type of laboratory.

VLSI is an interdisciplinary field involving various aspects of electrical, communications, computer science, information technology, semiconductor physics, and materials science, the SOVLSIT closely collaborates with other departments within BESU and other reputed academic institutions in both India and abroad to cater to the needs of the engineers in the making. Faculty members of this Institute are also running a number of industry and Govt. funded research projects with active participation of SOVLSIT. A number of tools have been developed to carry out the VLSI research. About 8 Ph.D. theses have been completed during the last five years in the field of VLSI design and test. Another seven students have already been registered for a PhD in this area.

M.Tech (VLSI Design) course under the SMDP-II project was started during the academic session 2006-2007 and continues to be a sought after program of the institute. Students of SOVLSIT have established their credentials through recruitment of international VLSI Design Companies and selection in Ph.D. admission to different research laboratories/ IIT/IISC/ISI/Foreign Universities.

Academic Programs

# Title Duration Specializations Curriculum
1 Master of Technology (M. Tech.) 2 years

VLSI Design

Programmes Offered
Post Graduate Level
I. Degree offered : M. Tech in VLSI Design
II. Sanctioned students’ intake : 18
III. Specializations in : VLSI Design

About the M-Tech. program

The M-Tech. program is a two-year course oriented graduate program. The student has to take a set of core courses and a set of electives. The course work is spread accross the first two semesters with an option of taking one elective in the third semester. This is followed by a project in the third and fourth semester in which the student can take up a project of his or her interest, supervised by a faculty member.


2 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)

Programmes Offered

Doctoral & Post Doctoral Research Programme
I. Degree offered : PhD (Engineering)
II. No of Candidates enrolled : 01
III. No. of Candidates registered: 11
IV. PhD Awarded using resources of School of VLSI Technology – 12

About the Ph.D. program

The PhD. programs are postgraduate research oriented programs. The scholar works in an area of his/her interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The scholar has to obtain a minimum number of credits by taking courses. The highlight of the program is the independent research work taken by scholar, leading to a dissertation at the end of the program. The average duration of a PhD. program is between four to five years.


Research Areas

1 3D IC and 3D Biochips
2 Analog and Mixed Signals
3 Bio-chip Design Automation
4 Digital VLSI Design
5 Digital Watermarking
6 Emerging devices and Interconnects
7 FPGA Synthesis and Testing
8 Nanoelectronics
9 Network on Chip
10 NOC & SOC Design
11 System on Chip Architectures
12 VLSI Architectures
13 VLSI Physical Design Automation
14 VLSI Testing

Staff Members

Aloke Mandol

Group-D Staff

Goutam Paul

Technical Assistant

Koushik Dey

Group-D Staff

Research Scholars

Anindita Chakraborty
Ph. D.

Non-Volatile Memory device – Memristor

Annapurna Mondal
Ph. D.

Indranil Maity
Ph. D.

Chemical (Gas) Sensor based on 2D materials

Partha Sarathi Gupta
Ph. D.

Tunnel Field Effect Transistors for Optoelectronic Applications

Supervisor: Hafizur Rahaman

Sanghamitra Ghosal
Ph. D.

Nano electronics, Sensors

Subhajit Chatterjee
Ph. D.


Supriyo Srimani
Ph. D. /

Fault detection in Analog and Mixed Signal circuits using statistical and machine learning models


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