School of Disaster Mitigation Engineering

About the School

In the spirit of developing interdisciplinary research facilities and the development of different mitigation processes against natural hazards, the School of Disaster Mitigation Engineering has been established by this university in 2007. The experimental workstation of the school is under construction near the 2nd gate of this University, where a 1.5 m x 1.5m Horizontal single Axis Seismic Table is being installed in October 2008 under the TEQIP program. For the school, housing has been provided on the 3rd floor in the 8th storied new building under construction in the Southern portion of the University. Proposal for setting up Post Graduate Course in Disaster Mitigation Engg. / Earthquake Engg. are being framed for introduction shortly.

Previous Director

  • Prof. B.C. Chattopadhyay
  • Dr. Sekher Chandra Dutta

Dr. Ambarish Ghosh(e-mail:, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering is presently appointed as the Director of the school to spearhead its initial development.

Academic Programs

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Prof. Chaitali Ray

Phone: +91 33 2668 – 3223 (Extn: 664) / 9432262156