REBECA - REunion and Bengal Engineering College Annuals

REBECA, short for REunion and Bengal Engineering College Annuals, is the cultural fest of IIEST, Shibpur. Bengal Engineering College is the old avatar of IIEST, Shibpur. Rebeca is the oldest Cultural Fest in the whole of India. For an entire year, the students look forward to these 4 days of absolute ecstasy. Drawing artists and performers from the city, the state and the nation, REBECA isn't just another college fest. It's a culmination of the emotions and nostalgia of the most profound Alumni Base in the country.
The REBECA is one of the iconic events of the institute, now heading for its 82nd edition in 2019. The event is divided into four days a) Classical Night: A treat for classical music connesiurs b) BEings Night: The stage is set for BEings (current students) to rock the stage c) Kolkata Night: A night of Bengali music. Even if you don't know the language, you can still enjoy the night. d) Mumbai Night: The best night of it all. If you are a final year student, it will the saddest one actually. For this, nationally known performers are the star attraction. REBECA had the honor of hosting musicians/bands known across the nation. Apart from this there are a) Seminars, an opportunity to meet established stalwarts, b) Alumni business meet, c) Band Competition, d) Group Dance Faceoffs, e) Alumni - Students matches, f) Literary Competitions, g)There is a Mr and Mrs.Rebeca competition here and h) Also, there is a fashion show. i) The most noticeable thing is of course (because it's in the name), the REUNION. Alumni of college return, revisit the places where they lived in.

INSTRUO - Kolkata's Largest Techno Management Fest

Instruo is the annual techno-management festival at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, West Bengal. It is generally held in the month of February or March each year. Instruo is the largest such event in and around the city of Kolkata as well as the second largest in all of West Bengal.
Instruo started its journey way back in 2009 with the aim to bring a tech-culture among the students of the university and expose them to the latest technology. Since then Instruo has grown rapidly, created more innovative minds and inspired many. Our Mission is to drive innovation in the youth and provide a platform to them where their skill and expertise would be remarked and rewarded. Enthusiastic students having innovative mind can participate Model Exhibition, Robowars, Debates and also in fun events to win huge prize money. Instruo is organised by students of IIEST SHIBPUR every year in the month of October/November. Various company sponsor this tech fest. Every year around 400-500 participants comes here from every corner of country.

GYANDHARA - India's largest Open Quiz Festival

This institute has been the guiding light of technical education in this country for the last 150 years. In an attempt to reinvigorate the prestigious quizzing fraternity this college has had, the Quizmaniac BEings (the Quiz Club)) of IIEST Shibpur, started off with an unique idea in 2014 of pitching open quizzers one against another in a college. Hold on. They also, presented a quizmaster line up, that was unprecedented and has been never imitated. Major Chandrakant Nair, Prof. Arul Mani, Mr. Somnath Chanda, Mr. J. Ramanand, Mr. Ashoke Sanyal, Mr. Souvik Basu are just few of the stalwarts of quizzing in India that have already attended and hosted quizzes in Gyandhara in a span of 2 years, and QMB dont intend to stop this cart that has been set to roll.

OIKOTAAN - Music, Unity, Freedom

Another unique annual fest to be hosted by the institute. Oikotaan celebrates music and creativity in a way that has not been explored in college campuses pretty often. No doubt it has become an annual celebration of young talents from across the nation striving to let their music be heard, and Oikotaan gives them just the right platform to do so. With an eminent panel of noted musicians, a budding talent has got all the advise in the world to go forward with. This is organised by Euphony, the Music Society of IIEST Shibpur.

ANURANON - The Annual Dramatics Festival

Badal Sircar's legend still lives on in the college in the form of an active Dramatics society - the Les Thespians who organise Anuranon every year, which is usually a colorful culmination of myriad emotions, expressions and captures the rich heritage of this institute.

Kolkata Comic Carnival - Kolkata's Own Comic Con

ith an ever increasing population of youngsters switching to the digital media and losing out on the essence of owning well groomed collections and issues, a bunch of enthusiasts from IIEST Shibpur decided to stage Kolkata's first ever Comic Carnival. With an exciting bunch of Cosplay artists and judges lined up for a host of events, this is surely going to be one hell of a joyride. The Judge panel includes famous cosplay artists like Rheality Lapse, Niha Novacaine, Jacqueline Goehner, Akansha Sachan. Also on the list is the famous bike stunt artist, Akash from Infinity Riderzz.


Theme: The Mind ReBooted. This event occurred on March 16, 2019 12:00am - 5:00pm IST (UTC +5.5hrs)
The event will be a perfect blend of ideas and intellectualism. Speakers from various fields of life are invited to share their incentives on various instances and situations and give us ideas to walk upon. A hall full of attendees learn lessons worth a lifetime as they leave.
Speakers : Advit Sahdev : Most Popular CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) from India. Akhand Swaroop Pandit : A quintessential embodiment of courage, audacity, and perseverance, the journey of former IES Officer Akhand Swaroop Pandit . Kunal Newar : To befog your senses is no ordinary feat, but then not everyone is as exceptional as Kunal Newar is. Madhura Banerjee : The bestselling author of two books, coder, workshop instructor, and a computer science graduate, she has achieved all this at only 22. Ranodeep Saha Rashmi Chadha A national level athlete, an impeccable businesswoman and most importantly an absolutely brilliant entrepreneur, Rashmi Chadha is not your regular, next door travel blogger, Shibiraj Patel : An absolute justification for what can be considered a brilliantly versatile soul, Shibiraj Patel has had an array of achievements and they couldn't be more diverse. Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury: It's not very common to hyphenate a musician and a lecturer in psychology but then Somlata Acharya Chowdhury was never an ordinary artist either. Prof Suman Chakraborty : Winner of the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar prize, the Scopus Young Scientist Award and the only man to complete his Ph.D. in a paltry time of a year

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UDBHAVANI - Civil Engineering Fest

UDBHABANI, the annual technical fest of Department of Civil Engineering. UDBHABANI is the largest civil engineering tech fest of Kolkata. It includes all sorts of events categorized as Technical, Non – Technical and Generic Events. Technical workshops and guest lectures from eminent personalities are some of the major attractions of UDBHABANI.
Udbhavani, which literally means innovation, desires to spring out the acute and raw intellect of budding civil engineers and aims to provide a platform for students from all over the country to congregate and showcase their technical prowess in the various fields of Civil Engineering. Udbhavani 2014 is a culmination of effort both on the part of the students as well as the faculty. We wish to inspire students to explore the creative side of their brains, to think outside the box and to come up with innovative solutions to the challenging problems we are facing in the 21st century. We provide students a platform where they could interact with eminent personalities from industry and get to know more about the industry's requirements and latest developments. This three day event encompassed several contests in the fields of surveying, structural planning and layout using AUTOCAD, environmental engineering and design of reinforced concrete structures. Also, general open events such as quizzes, debates and a chess tournament were organized. Besides the above we conducted several technical seminars and an industrial meet where prominent industrialists were present. THE VARIOUS EVENTS THAT WERE ORGANIZED DURING UDBHAVANI ARE: a) ARTISTIQUE b) INDUSTRIAL MEET c) OVER LOAD d) INOVACE e) TREASURE HUNT f) INFORACE g) ISOMETRY h) GRID IRON i) WAR OF WORDS j) EXUBERENCE
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INITIUM - Mining Engineering Fest

It is the National Mining Technological Festival of the Department of Mining Engineering, IIEST, Shibpur. Started back in 2012, INITIUM 2019 will be the 5th edition of this successful extravaganza to be held on January 18-19, 2019. We expect wide scale participation from the industry and academia. There are events like Industrial Problem Solving (IPS) and Paper Presentation by students. Seminar speakers will be from eminent industries. Event Theme: Mining and Allied Fields.
Events List in INITIUM 2019, Shibpur: Paper Presentation, Industrial Problem Solving, Industry Academia Conclav,e Seminar,
Paper Presentation Topics: Topics for the seminar will include but not limited to the following:
• Technological, social, and environmental challenges to coal usage and mining, • Modern technologies in underground and opencast coal mining, • Advances in exploration techniques, • Modern IT-enabled systems in mining industry, • Advances in coal and mineral beneficiation, • Challenges and advances to exploitation of ferrous and non-ferrous minerals, • Developments in instrumentation techniques and machines for enhanced performance, • Challenges and developments in coal bed methane, shale gas, coal-to-gas and coal-to-liquid.

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METALLUM - Metallurgy Dept Fest

Metallum is the annual symposium cum tech fest presented by Society of Student Metallurgists at IIEST, Shibpur. Amidst the girth of knowledge, the Society of Students Metallurgists (SSM) on behalf of Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur formed under the guidance of acclaimed faculty members intends to promote the enthusiasts to work in the field of research and at industries. The vivid and infamous history of the Society is silver – lined by some of the very eminent and finest metallurgists the world has ever seen since the establishment of the department in 1939. With the glory the department has seen in the past, the Society of Student Metallurgists believes to maintain the dignity and serenity throughout the time. The commitment, dedication and unstained glory leads us here at SSM to witness excellence in the field of both industry and academics.
Dr. A K Seal Memorial Quiz : In the loving memory of one of the best Metallurgists and professor the world would ever see, we present our next event which is Dr. A K Seal Memorial Quiz. This quiz is completely powered by the Alumni of the institute. The quiz is designed and conducted by our very eminent alumni Dr. Arnab Chattopadhyay of 1998 batch, currently product development manager at Quaker Chemicals Ltd. It is our honour to present this event which relates us with the vivid and glorious history that department has had. METALLOCSCAPE It's always better to view the world in a way no one else did. On a similar note, we bring to you a chance to create your vision of the materials of the coming age, in your own way. Presenting "METALLOCSCAPE", the poster presentation competition of "Metallum 2k18". Visit Facebook Link

ELECTROQUIP - Electrical Engineering

Electroquip is the first competitive event of EES calendar. This is a great event oganized by the Electrical Engineering Society, it comprises of 2 rounds. A team of maximum 3 members is required to participate in this event. The first round is a MCQ based examination to test the overall understanding of the subject. Top 10 teams are selected for the final round which consists of a circuit making test. Top 3 teams are awarded with cash prizes and gifts at the end of the event.
350 + Participants Organizing the very first competitive event in the college gives us a participation of 350+ students from various years and colleges.
30 + Volunteers The best of the candidates are chosen to volunteer in this event. We are now a core comittee of more than 30 members that are involved in the same.
5,000 + CASH PRIZES Top three teams are awarded with gifts and cash prizes worth R. 5000 from EES. The prizes are bigger and better each year.
" This is an initiative by the students of Electrical Engineering Department which promotes healthy competition among students. This event is designed in such a way that students from each year and different colleges can participate. The participation keeps on increasing every year and we set new records every year" Prof. Bhaskaran Barman, Prof. In-Charge

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IMPETUS - Mechanical Engineering

The Society of Mechanical Engineering, IIEST Shibpur brings to you a platform to showcase your talent, a podium to display your skills and earn your reward. Presenting the second edition of IMPETUS, an all-round competition that will test your academics and practical skills, as well as your aptitude. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered in this quest for excellence.
TEAM COMPOSITION First year and second year UG students from all departments can participate, A team can have a maximum of 3 members. There is no bar for minimum number of members, Registration fee: ₹ 50 per team, The decision of the coordinators shall be treated as final and binding under all circumstances,
The competition will consist of two rounds: Round 1:​​ Mostly MCQ based questions divided into three categories: [Physics & Chemistry], [Mathematics] and [Mental Aptitude]. The questions will be of high school standard. So, no need to worry! Duration: 90 minutes Bonus subjective questions may also be asked. 10 best teams will be selected to participate in Round 2.
Round 2: A test of your innovative skills. The date of Round 2 and its problem statement will be declared later on.

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VAIDYUTAK - Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Vaidyutak 2019 is the very #first Annual Technical Fest of the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of IIEST Shibpur. With a plethora of events ranging from Circuit Designing, Technical Paper presentation to Quiz, Industrial Meet, Alumni Meet and so on, it promises to act as the platform for all the Novus Tech enthusiasts of the country to showcase their technical abilities, inquisitiveness and their search for supremacy in this field.
A logo is used to symbolize an entity for example an event,organisation, community or even an initiative. It is a golden opportunity for all the inquisitive minds to participate, interact and get inspired by the top individuals of various prestigious organizations of the country, participating in Industrial meet and panel discussions. So what better than a transistor, to symbolize the sole technical fest presented by the Academic society of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. A transistor is primarily used for amplification and so was the aim for organising Vaidyutak, to present an amplified version of the department's existence inside the college campus along with its interaction with the industry. It's said that the sturdiness of an organization depends on how strong its roots are and so after 53 years of existence it becomes very important for us to not forget our source of origination. The inclusion of 'Vaidyutak', the sanskrit version of electronics and the 'Clock Tower' in the logo which holds the utmost importance justifies the strongest roots behind the department's existence.

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Air-O-Trivia - For Aerospace Engineers

Aeromodelling Club, IIEST Shibpur : The budding group of Aerospace Engineers from one of the oldest and finest institutes in our country organizes the Air-O-Trivia. Their vision is to foster enthusiasm and encourage people associated and interested, in the field of aeromodelling. Following last year's success, Air-O-Trivia 2k17 was bigger, better and more fun! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this event a grand success!

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Created: 23 November 2019