Alumni Cell

Order of formation of the Alumni Cell

To strengthen the interaction and involvement of the alumni for the betterment of the Institute an Alumni Cell (AC) has been formed with the following members.

  • 01 President: Dean, International Relations and Alumni Affairs (ex-officio)
  • 02 Vice-Presidents: One Senior Professor to be nominated by the Director
    One member from the alumni to be nominated by the Director
  • 03 Secretary: One faculty member to be nominated by the President, AC
  • 04 Joint Secretary: One member of the alumni to be proposed by the President, AC and approved by the Director
  • 05 Members: Five faculty members and five from the alumni (of which one from the batch celebrating their Silver Jubilee year in the current year and one from the batch who are due to celebrate their silver jubilee next year)
The Executive Committee of the Alumni Cell (AC) shall consist of the President and the Vice Presidents. The tenure of the members of the Alumni Cell (AC) shall be two years.

Procedure for selection of the members of the Cell

President, AC, shall put forward a list of names often faculty members (from faculty IIEST, Shibpur) to the Director, IIEST, Shibpur (or selection of five members from the list. The Executive Committee, AC, shall put forward to the Director ten names for selection of five members from the alumni.

The responsibility and function of the Alumni Cell.

  • 01 The Alumni Cell, IIEST, Shibpur shall act as the single point of contact for consideration of all alumni related proposals.
  • 02 The Cell sha11 meet periodically to consider the different issues and the decisions taken shall be implemented subsequent to the approval of the Director.
  • 03 The Cell shall actively promote participation of the alumni community in the development of the Institute in the form of endowment funds, CSR funds, etc.
  • 04 The Institute shall enter into a MoV with individual donor (an alumnus or a kin of the alumnus) or alumni group and the contributions shall be spent abiding the MoV. The auditing of the alumni donations shall be done and made available in the public domain.
  • 05 The Cell shall monitor that important alumni related matters be made available in one section of the Institute website. The web page sha11 contain information regarding announcements to reach out to the alumni for different purposes. The Institute shall maintain an Alumni database which the individual alumnus shall be allowed to update regarding his/her present assignments, achievements, etc.
  • 06 The Cell shall identify key areas where the support of alumni be pulled in. The Cell has to identify potential alumni for accelerating the fund raising activity. The Cell must also focus on raising fund under CSR.
  • 07 A separate Student Welfare Fund shall be cre ated from the donation of the alumni to address the needs of the students in exi gency like hospitalizati on, students needing financial help, etc.


In Continuation of the Order No.19/194 dated 13/07/2019, the Alumni Cell has formed with following members:

  • President: Prof. Arindam Biswas, Dean, International Relations and Alumni Affairs, (Ex Officio)
  • Vice- Presidents:
    • (a) Mr. Gautam Ray, Executive Director, CESC & President (HR), Power Group,
      RP Sanjiv Goenka Group and Alumni 1981 (Electrical Engineering Dept.)
    • (b) Dr. Sudip Kumar Roy, Professor, Civil Engineering Department
  • Secretary: Dr. Indrajit Banerjee, Associate professor, Information Technology Dept.
  • Joint Secretary: Mr. Sushanta Sinha, Sub-function Head, Enterprise Talent, TCS, and Alumni 1998 (Electronics and Telecommunication Department)
  • Members:
    • (a) Dr. N. K. Mukhopadhayay, HOD & Professor in the Physical Metallurgy Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi, and Alumni 1983 (Metallurgy and Metarials Engineering Department)
    • (b) Dr. Soumitra Tarafder, Chief Scientist, CSIR- National Metallurgy Laboratory, Jamshedpur and Alumni 1984 (Metallurgy and Metarials Engineering Department)
    • (c) Mr. Amob Roy, Director , MRC Projects Prism Pvt. Ltd and Alumni 1994 (Civil Engineering Department)
    • (d) Mr. Nirbhik Sengupta, Vice President, Operation, GMR Construction, Singapore and Alumni 1995 (Civil Engineering Deptartment)
    • (e) Mr. Shashwat Jha, PGDB in Business Management, XLRI Jamshedpur amd Alumni 2019 (Computer Science and Technology Department)
    • (f) Dr. Paromita Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Department
    • (g) Dr. Soumen Mitra, Associate Professor, Architecture, Town and Regional Planning Department
    • (h) Dr. Tapas Kumar Roy, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department
    • (i) Dr. Debasis Mitra, Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department
    • (j) Dr. Gautam Anand, Assistant Professor, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Department
The tenture of the committee members is two years or till further order whichever is earlier. The committee shall start functioning immediately.

Bonding between Alumni and Alma-Mater


Meeting date | time 03:10:2019 | 13:00 | Meeting location Directors Board Room
Meeting called by Dr Indrajit Banerjee

The Honorable Director of IIEST, Shibpur presided over the meeting. He welcomed all the members of the alumni cell. He outlined the genesis and motivation behind the establishment of the Alumni Cell. The Cell will promote better bonding between the Institute and the Alumni. The Alumni Cell will act as the single channel of communication between the alumni and the Institute.
Prof. Parthasarathi Chakrabarti
Prof. Arindam Biswas
Mr. Gautam Ray
Prof. Sudip Kumar Ray
Dr Indrajit Banerjee
Mr. Sushanta Sinha
Dr. N K Mukhopadhyay (attended through Video Conferencing)
Dr. Soumitra Tarafder (Absent)
Mr. Arnob Roy
Mr. Nirbhik Sengupta (attended through Video Conferencing)
Mr. Shashwat Jha (attended through Video Conferencing)
Dr. Paromita Chattopadhyay
Dr. Soumen Mitra (Absent)
Dr. Tapas Kumar Roy
Dr. Debasish Mitra (Absent)
Dr. Gautam Anand
Dr. Biman Bandyopadhyay (invited)
Mr Alok Maity (invited)

Time allotted | 30min | Agenda topic Discussion on First Alumni Convention | Pre-senter Prof Arindam Biswas
Discussion Conversation
The members have decided that the Alumni Convention should be on the day after the Institute's convocation day. Mr. Nirbhik Sengupta mentioned that it may be at the end of December every year such that all alumni may attend. Mr. Goutam Roy observed that a separate Alumni Day may continue which is organized by GAABESU. It was informed by the Registrar that this year the Institute convocation may be at the end of January 2020.
Conclusion Closing
The first Alumni Convention may be on 1st February 2020, a day after the probable date of convocation which is on 31st January 2020.
The proposed tentative schedule:
Time Topic
09:30 - 10:00 Registration
10:00 - 10:45 Inaugural programme
10:45 - 12:30 Panel discussion with students
12:30 - 13:30 Departmental parallel session
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 15:30 Business meeting with alumni
15:30 - 16:30 Networking session

Time allotted | 10 min | Agenda topic Creation of Bank Account for Alumni Cell | Presenter Prof Arindam Biswas
Discussion Conversation
Mr. Alok Maity Deputy registrar finance informed that to date a separate “BESU Foundation” account is there for handling all alumni funds. Honorable Director IIEST has asked to create a fresh account with a foreign exchange facility. Mr. Alok Maity informed us that the operation of the account should be as per BOG guidelines. The signatories will be the same as of other Institute accounts.
Conclusion Closing
A separate account will be created with foreign exchange facility. All alumni funds will be handled through this account only.
Mr Alok Maity, Deputy Registrar, Finance, IIEST, Shibpur, will take the responsibility to open that account for Alumni Cell.

Time allotted | 15 min | Agenda topic Creation of Alumni Portal | Presenter Prof Arindam Biswas
Discussion Conversation
Honorable Director of IIEST Shibpur has expressed that the current Institute website is to be improved significantly. It is reported that Mr. Sanjoy Ghosh of 87 batches ETCE alumni is funding for the new website design and implementation. The new website will have a separate Alumni Portal where the alumni may register him/herself. The honorable Director of IIESTS has suggested that it should have a proper authentication mechanism to avoid misuse. He also suggested that there should not be any fees for alumni registration.
Conclusion Closing
A separate Alumni portal should be available along with new institute website.
Dr. Indrajit Banerjee and Prof. Arindam Biswas along with will look after the matter to start of the new alumni portal by November 2019.

Time allotted | 30min | Agenda topic Identifying different areas for Alumni con-tribution | Presenter Prof Arindam Biswas
Discussion Conversation
Mr. Arnab Roy requested to create a formal need list of IIEST Shibpur so that the different alumni groups may decide to contribute based on the need list. Mr. Sushanta Sinha and Nirvik Sengupta agreed with Mr. A. Roy regarding the need list preparation. Registrar is asked to create a policy/guideline for alumni support. Honorable Director of IIEST has proposed that any proposal should come first to the Alumni Cell. Then that will be forwarded to Dean, Planning, and Development. The proposal may be categorized into two categories a) Big Projects for creating new infrastructure, b) Small Projects for the renovation of existing infrastructure. Mr. Gautam Roy mentioned that direct funding from alumni to any current institute project is welcome. Mr. Arnab Roy has asked about recurring cost analysis for any alumni supported the project so that they correspond cost may be raised from alumni support. Prof. N K Mukhopadhyay opined that we may need a bigger guesthouse for purposes like Alumni Convention etc. Registrar informed that MHRD may fund up to 20 seated guest house, beyond that Alumni support is required. Dr. Tapas Kr. Roy has informed that the institute is going to renovate the Gymnasium with an estimated budget of Rs.15 lakh. Institute has allowed Rs. 7 lakh for the same. He has asked the rest of Rs. 8 lakh from alumni groups. The basic facility like air-conditioner, electric supply, etc. for Gymnasium will be provided by Institute as mentioned by the Director of IIEST.
Conclusion Closing
It has been unanimously decided that the major areas for alumni contribution have to be identified. The proposed areas may
• Building infrastructure
    • Hostel
    • Guest house
    • Gymnasium
    • Auditorium
    • Lake beautification
• Sports facility
• Library development
• Support economically weaker students
Prof. Sudip Roy, Dean PD will inform the Alumni Cell regarding institute current requirements. Prof. Arindam Biswas along with Dr. Indrajit Banerjee will put up the final list to the Alumni portal of IIEST Shibpur.

Time allotted | 05min | Agenda topic Discussion on Alpona Banerjee Memorial Fund utilisation | Presenter Prof Arindam Biswas
Discussion Conversation
Prof. Arindam Biswas informed the house about the Alpona Banerjee Memorial fund.
Conclusion Closing
The account will be taken care of by the Alumni Cell. The previous committee will hand over everything regarding the Alpona Banerjee Memorial Fund to current Alumni Cell.

Time allotted | 05min | Agenda topic Discussion on the proposal for Volleyball court by BEC 1989 batch alumni | Presenter Prof Arindam Biswas
Discussion Conversation
Prof. A Biswas informed that the alumni of 1989 batch would like to build a state-of-the-art outdoor vol-leyball court in the institute campus.
Conclusion Closing
The alumni cell agreed on the proposal and asking to do the needful.
Prof. Arindam Biswas will forward the proposal for implementation.

Time allotted | 30min | Agenda topic Miscellanies
1. Discussion Conversation: Corpus Fund
Prof. N K Mukhopadhyay proposed to create a “Corpus Fund”. His suggestion is to collect money from alumni for the corpus fund contribution of a minimum of Rs. 2000 to any amount. The honorable director asked to set a target like Rs. 1 crore per year for a corpus fund. Dr. Goutam Anand is suggesting for student intern for fund collection. Mr. Nirbhik Sengupta is suggesting e-mail like digital communication for the same. Registrar IIEST informed that Mr. Suranjan Basu alumni 56 batches would like to contribute of an amount Rs. 1 crore to the institute.
1. Conclusion Closing
The member has agreed on corpus fund creation.
2. Discussion Conversation: UG Student support
The honorable director informed about a UG student who would like to participate in a prestigious conference in Singapore. He is asking for financial support approximately Rs. 65000. Mr. Nirbhik Sengupta shown his interest to help him out regarding this matter.
2. Conclusion Closing
Mr Nirbhik Sengupta will inform Alumni Cell regarding this support as soon as possible and Alumni cell will take necessary action.
Prof. Parthasarathi Chakrabarti Prof. Arindam Biswas Mr. Gautam Ray Prof. Sudip Kumar Ray
Dr Indrajit Banerjee Mr. Sushanta Sinha Dr. N K Mukhopadhyay Mr. Arnob Roy
Mr. Nirbhik Sengupta Mr. Shashwat Jha Dr. Paromita Chattopadhyay Dr. Tapas Kumar Roy
Dr. Gautam Anand Dr. Biman Bandyopadhyay Mr. Alike Kumar Maity

Created: 23 November 2019