Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)


Rerouting to light up the minds for innovation and capacity building
This Cell was set up in 2013. The scope of activities are highlighted as
  • Liaison with the Industries

    IIEST, Shibpur has a tradition of having strong collaborative liaison with the industries to carry out need-driven research for the industry. Some such partnerships are with Research Engineers Inc., TATA STEEL, M.N Dastur, Larsen and Toubro, and others.

  • Programs for the Corporates

    IIEST, Shibpur conducts technical awareness and knowledge up-gradation courses for the Research and Academic world as well as Corporate Sector and also creates value-added for students in tune with the requirement of the corporate world. Such programs for the corporate world were taken up for Larsen and Toubro, the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation, at Lagos, Nigeria for Worley Parsons, an Oil and Gas Consulting Firm.

  • From Laboratory to Production

    Commercialization of models developed in the laboratory for mass use and scaling up for industries are being taken up. The DST-TIFAC scheme (Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council), New Delhi has chosen five technologies developed at the Institute Laboratories for commercialization and production in 2014. The Technology Incubation Centre of the Institute is fostering an environment to nurture student start-ups, an initiative funded by DST, GOI.
    It is necessary that Industry recognizes the Research Talent within the University and Alignment for fruitful Implementation of the Research will enable the synergy of the Industry-Institute Partnership. Quite a major companies have offered their Senior Position Executives/Directors to contribute to this tie-up for motivation to students, researchers faculty members, and industry experts to work in a team.

  • Student skill-set improvement and Research Alignment workshops by the Corporate

    It has been quite prevalent for some time that the students' skill- set be aligned in the direction of the demands of the industries who will be their prospective employer. Also, industries try to create an ecosystem where they can nurture areas of Research in the upcoming technologies. In this regard, there was a “Technology Forecasting Day” and “Workshop on Cloud Computing” held in 2018 and 2019 respectively. TCS Research Interaction was yet another workshop organized at IIESTS by TCS to highlight the next generation research areas.

  • Faculty Development Program by the Corporate

    A few of the industry doyen partners are organizing Workshops to acquaint the members of the faculty with the latest technologies to be coming up. This implies training will be perpetuated to the students during their curriculum. Such an instance was held by IBM in June 2019.


How it drives innovation and generates capable manpower

The IBM DAY on Technology forecasting was held on 29th August 2018 in the afternoon at IIESTS. The main audience comprised of very enthusiastic 7th Semester Engineering, the MBA, and M.Tech students. Their feedback was very encouraging for the organizers. A majority described the event as highly interactive and helped to enrich them with the knowledge of technological advances. The changing business perspectives with the changing digital breakthroughs were depicted very vividly by IBM. Lastly, the role of the Patenting of new concepts and how to let loose the fountain of ideas, which will eventually lead to innovation, was highlighted in the session.


There was a seminar in the Electrical Engineering Seminar room of IIEST, Shibpur on 25th October 2018. It was jointly organized by the Electrical Engineers’ Society, IIESTS and the Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE), Kolkata Chapter.
Ms. SudeshnaMukhopadhyay, Chief Design Officer at IBahn Illumination Pvt Ltd, ex Head-Philips Lighting Design Centre and Lighting Academy delivered a highly informative, and enriching talk on the Latest Developments in Illumination Design and Control. The topic was DIGITAL DISRUPTION IN LIGHTING AND ITS IMPACT ON LIGHTING APPLICATION
The seminar was attended by the faculty members of the Electrical Engineering Department and the Department of Architecture, along with the office-bearers of ISLE. There was huge participation of the students from both these Departments and a Quiz was conducted for the students by Ms. Mukhopadhyay.
Illumination is not just the primary source of vision but it influences our lifestyles and habits. It shapes and modulates the complete space design and architecture of a place. Certain new factors came into focus during the deliberation that affects the design of a proper lighting system such as melanopic lumen, a new photometric measure of light intensity (which is termed “melanopic”) and photobiological safety, etc. The control of the blue spectrum on the melatonin pigment and how it influences the human sleeping pattern was discussed. In concise, the physiological effect of lighting, its Science and Engineering was interestingly presented.
Light is mainly specified by intensity, time of day, wavelength and light distortion. It is mainly produced by heat, electromagnetic radiation, and semiconductors. Lighting pollution is another aspect that needs attention and taken care of.
At present, there is a new age big bang in the lighting industry. More emphasis is given on wireless light controllers, smart and IoT based lighting systems, architectural integration with the help of technologies like WIFI/BLE/ZIG Bee/Bluetooth/LIFI. And now there has started a protocol war in lighting applications where the lighting industry needs the help of IT experts. Thereafter the Illumination Engineering is no longer a prerogative of the Electrical Engineers, the Architects and Electrical Engineers, Instrumentation, and IT Experts dominate this scene along with the physicists who come up with new concepts in lighting philosophy.


On 3rd October, 2018 CESC Ltd. and the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIEST Shibpur jointly presented a seminar on “Recent Advances in Power Transformer Technology”. This Seminar was intended for “ Bridging the Gap” for the students from Academic Institutes while they enter the Industry. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Kar Chowdhury, Senior Manager, HR, CESC. The seminar was mainly aimed at introducing the concepts of power transformers from an industrial point of view to the students of the second and third year. Mr. Chowdhury’s amiable nature and his spirited character caught the attention of young students as they cruised on an informative journey with him through one of the most difficult and advanced topics in modern-day electrical engineering. Along with the basics of power transformers, he introduced them to the recent advances in its technology that are being adopted by CESC as well as by other power utilities worldwide, information which isn’t found in the normal curriculum of engineering and hence it turned out to be immensely enlightening. Mr. Chowdhury’s expertise and experience are indeed commendable and inspiring for a young electrical engineer. Finally, a quiz session followed the talk in which the students actively took part and won many prizes.

IBM Workshop on Cloud Computing

IBM conducted a workshop on cloud computing on 30th March, 2019. The workshop focused on both basic as well as advanced topics related to the IBM cloud. The participants got hands-on experience in deploying, creating, and building applications on top of the IBM Cloud. Advanced concepts on Watson Assist, Watson Discovery, and Watson Natural Language Understanding were also introduced and the participants were made aware of their capabilities and implementation details. Once the students completed the learning and were able to clear associated short quizzes and complete hands-on associated, they obtained Badges on IBM Cloud Essentials. The details are available - IBM-cloud-essentials/. The resource personnel for this workshop was Mr. Mani Madhukar (Program Manager, University Relations), Ms. Amrita Ray (IBM Cloud Senior Specialist), SouvikMajumder (Cognitive Senior Architect), and Debajit Ray (Senior Solution Architect).


In the last three/ four years years quite a number of Chair Professors and Honorary Professors have come from the Industry
  • 01 Tata Steel Chair Professor---Dr. ArunansuHaldar for Research into New Products of Steel, pertaining to Rolling Mills
  • 02 Honorary Visiting Chair Professor-- Founder Chairman of Simplex Infrastructures To take Under Graduate classes in Construction Technology and Management.
  • 03 Dr. SubhenduGuha, Distinguished Visiting Professor, For Centre of Green energy and Sensor Systems, Ex-President, United Solar, USA, actively involved in Post Graduate Research.
The list of major industries, with whom collaboration was sealed in the presence of Shri Pranab Mukherjee, President of India at the RashtrapatiBhavan in the year2015 and 2016.
Organization Signing Authority Collaborating Agenda
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur Director, IIESTS
Garden Reach Ship Builders & Engineers Ltd, Kolkata Mr. R. C. Nautiyal
Director (Personnel)
Internship and Chair Professor in the field of CIVIL Engineering
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., New Delhi 1. Mr. B. P. Rao Chairman and Managing Director
2. Mr. Subrata Biswas, Director ,Engg., R&D
Technology tie-up for manufacture of thin film solar cells
M N Dastur& Company (P) Ltd, Kolkata 1. Mr. Abhijit Dasgupta Joint Managing Director
2. Bhaskar Roy, Advisor to CMD, M.N Dastur
Research Endowment for Steel Technology
Bitchem Asphalt Technologies, Kolkata Mr. Sarat Kumar Jain, Chairman and Managing Director Internship for students and collaboration for Green Road Technology
SkyBits Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kolkata Debabrata Dutta, Founder & Executive Director Internship and Collaboration on Big Data Analysis
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director
Vikram Solar Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary, MD and CEO, Vikram Group Joint Research on Solar Cells and Systems
Simplex Infrastructures Limited Mr. B. D. Mundhra, Chairman Emeritus Joint Research Project on Civil Infrastructure and Construction Technology
Synchro Electronics Mr. Indranil Das, CMD Joint Research on Sensor Technology
TATA Consultancy Services Mr. K.A Krishnan, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer Ph.D and UG Internships
Research Scholars Program
Collaboration on Mutual Research Interests

A Conference was held by IIEST and with CII on the following theme:
Industry Academia Innovation PlatformBuilding a Knowledge Society and Enabling Make in India Monday, 22 August 2016; The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata.
The program was attended by eminent Academicians and Industry Stalwarts from the entire country and The President of India, addressed the audience comprising of students, faculty-members of Engineering Institutes and professionals from the Industry.

• Depth of the Knowledge is important, where Industry Seeks Help
• Laboratory-Pilot-Industry: Research Project should end in this route.
• Identification of areas where research is necessary
• Web-Based Portals for Consultants from academia to be empanelled
• Portals for regular problems in industries which require solution-providers. A task which maybe taken up by the Government of India and CII.

Created: 23 November 2019