Website & Network Guidelines

Committee for development, redesign the Institute Website, and look after its maintainance

The following are the members:

1. Arindam Biswas, Professor, Department of Information Technology and Dean (International Relations and Alumni Affairs) - Chairman
2. Santanu Das, Professor, Department of Eletronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Chairman of the A/V Cell - Member
3. Tapas Kumar Roy, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Superintending Engineer (Actg) - Member
4. Shri Sanjoy Kumar Ghosh, Managing Director, Simoco Telecomm unications (South Asia) Limited Member (by invitation)
5. Amal Barman, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Faculty In-charge Design and Management of the Institute's Website - Convenor
Network and IT Infrastructure Committee

The Following "Network and IT Infrastructure Committee" is constituted to oversee the modernization process of the whole network system of the Institute includeing its plannning, developement and maintainance.
1. Arindam Biswas, Professor, IT Department - Chairman
2. Amal Barman, Associate Professor, EE Department - Member
3. Indrajit Banerjee, Assistant Professor, IT Department - Member
4. Debabrata Roy, Professor, EE Department - Member
5. Apurba Sarkar, Assistant Professor, CST Department - Member
6. Tamaghna Acharya, Assistant Professor, ETC Department - Member
7. Two experts from outside - as and when required by the Committee to be nominated by the Director - Invitee
8. Prasun Ghosal, Assistant Professor, IT Department - Convenor
1. Soumen Gope - Technical Assistant, IIEST, Sibpur
Ph: 9433985637
2. Shiladitya Bhandary - Sr. Network Assistant, IIEST, Sibpur
Ph: 9239019099
2. Tapabrata Maiti - Site Support Executive
Website Team

Students/Teachers/Staff of the Institute may please note the following for making any suggestions or reporting any fault with respect to the Institute website ( or the Campus LAN or Internet Service through it.

Amal Barman - Faculty In-Charge
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Ph: 033-26684561 to 63 (ext- 613/571)

To share any complains or website issues, please fill up the feedback form in Feedback form or you can mail in