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Important! Circular on attendance of UG and PG classes


Sub: Attendance of UG and PG Classes

During the last two years when the classes were held in online mode, the teachers could not maintain the attendance requirements as a number of students could not attend online classes regularly due to various valid reasons. However, with the resumption of offline classes, attendance norms may be strictly followed. It is mentioned in the UG & PG Ordinances that the attendance of a student in a course should not fall below 75% of the total number of classes held for that course in the semester. It is also given that students having attendance below 75% in a course will be de-registered and thus he/she will be debarred from appearing in the semester examination for that course and will be awarded a DR grade. A student de-registered for a subject will not be eligible for the supplementary examination. Considering clauses 9.4 and 9.5 of the UG Ordinance and clauses 7.4 and 7.5 of the PG Ordinance, the Heads and the faculty members are requested to take the following steps to maintain attendance:

i) The respective teacher(s) shall inform all students about the status of their attendance in the subject after the midsemester examination with a copy to the convener DUGC/DPGC.

ii) After receiving the above attendances of all subjects the DUGC/DPGC shall interact with all students, particularly those who are having attendance less than 75%. DUGC/DPGC may like to find the reasons for less attendance and advise the students as necessary. The students shall be duly informed about the provision of the Ordinance if the attendance becomes less than 75% at the end of the semester. DUGC/DPGC shall monitor the performance of the students having poor attendance.

iii) The teacher shall send the updated final list of students having attendances less than 75% to the Deputy Registrar (Academic), through the Chairman DUGC/DPGC, within one week before the commencement of the end semester examination. The last date shall be duly notified.

iv) When a subject is taught by more than one teacher for a class or a section of a class, the attendance of a student shall be calculated by combining the attendance recorded by all the teachers of the subject.

v) While forwarding the list of students with attendance less than 75% in each subject, if necessary, the Chairman DUGC/DPGC shall provide recommendations as per clause 9.5/7.5 of the UG/PG Ordinances.

vi) SUGC/SPGC shall immediately review the recommendation of DUGCs/DPGCs and the final list of students to be declared deregistered shall be forwarded to the Director through the Dean (Academic) by the Chairman SUGC/SPGC for approval and direction.

vii) If no list is forwarded within the stipulated date for any subject by the Chairman DUGC/DPGC it will be presumed that all students in that subject had the attendance of 75% or more.

viii) Above steps shall be followed for all subjects including theory as well as practical/project papers.