Amal Bhattacharyya


Industrial Experience: 14 Years

Teaching Experience: 15 Years

  • Awards and Recognition:
  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) – April 2000 [Membership No. F 106707 – 5]
  • Member of Institution of Engineers (India) – February 1992 [Membership No. M 105859/ 0]
  • Chartered Engineer (India) – The Institution of Engineers (India) – March 1992
  • Nominated member in TED11 and MTD9 committee of Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Nominated adviser in Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune in test facility development of their test laboratory
  • Visited Bitrode Corporation, USA in 2003 for a knowledge interaction program on battery formation and test equipment development.
  • Visited ZIL Laboratory, Moscow, Russia in November 2007 with specialists of Tata Motors Limited for vehicle testing at -30°.
  • Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & In-situ Balancing – February 2005 – Indian Institute for Production Management, Kansbahal.

Academic Qualifications Electrical Engineering (Calcutta University)

M.E. in Electrical Engineering (Calcutta University)

Research Statement

Papers published:


1. "Latest Developments on Super High Rate Lead Acid Batteries from India",Amal Bhattacharyya,Dipak Dasgupta,Subhabrata Ghosh,Journal of Power Sources, Ireland,April 2001



1. "Suggestive method for CCA determination of lead-acid batteries for automobile application", Amal Bhattacharyya,Dipak Dasgupta,Subhabrata Ghosh, 39th Power Sources Conference,New Jersey, June, 2000

2." A brief review on application of storage power sources in a sub-station with special focus on Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries",Amal Bhattacharyya,Dipak Dasgupta,Subhabrata Ghosh, Application of innovative tech. in modern sub-station equipment;  Institution of Engineers (India),Calcutta, August 2000

3."VRLA Battery for Automotive Application – Technology & Limitation", Amal Bhattacharyya,Dipak Dasgupta,Subhabrata Ghosh,Lead Acid Batteries for Motor Vehicles, Chennai, March,2020

4."Latest Developments on Super High Rate Lead Acid Batteries from India",Amal Bhattacharyya,Dipak Dasgupta,Subhabrata Ghosh, 22nd Power Source Conference,Manchester,April 2001

5."A Study on Automotive Battery during High Rate Discharge"Amal Bhattacharyya,Dipak Dasgupta,Subhabrata Ghosh,113th Convention of Battery Council International,Las Vegas,May 2001


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