Academic Laboratory Details

Applied Electromagnetics lab

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

The communication lab is primarily PG and research scholars for conducting experiments related to high frequency application of advanced electromagnetics. Major equipment present in the lab are as follows: (i) Anritsu S820E Vector Network Analyser (1MHz to 40GHz ) (ii)  Dielectric constant measurement kit (200MHz to 20GHz). The first instrument is used for measurement of scattering parameters. Such measurements are useful  for cable and antenna analysis at high frequency. The second one is extremely useful for the determination of dielectric constant of liquid/semi-liquid samples. Measurement of dielectric constants helps to choose proper materials which might be useful for bio-compatible device analysis. Besides this, the lab also hosts a frequency selective surface (FSS)  measurement panel made of RF absorbers which is useful for calibration and measurement of  periodic structure analysis.


Proposed Upgradation: :

The (FSS) measurement panel is upgradable to a radar cross-section  measurement system which is presently under consideration.

Created: 23 November 2019