Research Highlight Details

Gas Leak Hunter


  • To detect the leakage from LPG Cylinder and stove in Kitchen.
  • Low power signal conditioning unit and suitable packaging for different applications


  • Detects the leakage from LPG Cylinder in Kitchen
  • Portable (70mm X 135mm X 30mm)
  • 3V operation (2 Nos. of AA battery)
  • Low power consumption (60mW for circuit)
  • Fast response time (15 Sec)
  • Low battery indication
  • User friendly – Single button operation
  • Different colours of light indication depending on the gas concentration
  • Coded buzzer alarm
  • Light weight – 120gm (Without battery)



  • Reliable prediction of Methane concentration in hazardous area
  • Reliable leak detector of LPG gas in kitchen