Research Highlight Details

Design, Development and Testing of 3-phase Permanent Magnet Machines and their Converters


This research work has been taken up with a view to develop an indigenous knowledge base for permanent magnet synchronous machines (both motor and generator). These machines are also not commercially available from Indian manufacturers. To add to this problem, permanent magnets having high energy densities are also not available indigenously. For the present work magnets have been procured at very high costs from foreign sources. In that sense this work may be of value both academic researchers and industrial engineers.

1. The development of 5kW PMSM has been taken up to use it for pump type application.

2. The development of 2kVA PMSGhas been taken up to use it as pico-hydel generators.

3. The development of 0.75hp BLDChas been taken up to use it for centrifugal fan type application.

The present work provides detailed guidance for electrical and mechanical design, fabrication and their constraints, converter design, implementation of different control algorithms, parameter evaluation and testing procedures of PM machines. Hence this funded research has been carried out to provide an end to end solution of PM machines and their drives which are the next generation machines as pointed out by the industry and researchers all over the world. It will be worthwhile to mention here that, there are no indigenous manufacturer of PM machines and their drives in India.


Prof. Mainak Sengupta

Department of Electrical Engineering