Research Highlight Details

Design and Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticle-Based Chemosensor for Detection of Toxic Ions Fluoride, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Cadmium

We have designed and synthesized a variety of fluoroionophore structures having appropriate binding moieties for F–, Cu2+, Sn2+, S2–, Pd2+ ions etc and thus know their properties in solution and in solid phase by NMR, X-ray study as well as live cell imaging study also reported with five international publications. Some fluorescent receptors have also been designed and synthesized for their potential use in aqueous media and also in organic solvents, both are of importance as chemical and biochemical reactions happen in both the media. Also water is the predominant solvent of choice in biological system and probably the most environment-friendly green solvent for future reactions and thus molecular recognition induced reactions in water are of our on-going interest.


Prof. Ajit Kumar Mahapatra

Department of Chemistry