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Ergonomic Analysis of Job Heaviness and Development of Musculoskeletal Disorder for Selective Underground Coal Miners of India.

Ergonomics deals with the betterment of the work and work procedure and helps to minimizing the risk factors at the workplaces while humanizing work and work environment (HWWE). Applications of ergonomics make a product easy to use, and also provide user friendly design providing a good comfort and making significant contribution to safety. The emphasis within ergonomics is to ensure that suitable designs extract the strengths and abilities of people and minimize the effects of their limitations, rather than forcing them to adapt. Ergonomics has a major role to play with mining industries. Workers engaged with mining industries are supposed to dealing with continuous repetitive working posture within hostile and challenging working environment, which needs ergonomic intervention so far it’s practicable. The nucleus of the project is designed on the determination of important causes to identify job heaviness and possible responsible postures leading to musculoskeletal disorder. The main objectives for the research project are- 1. To record environmental condition and compared with WHO recommendation 2. To measure and calculate job heaviness of selective categories of underground mines 3. To work out for the development of proper work schedule to control the health related


Prof. N.C. Dey

Department of Mining Engineering