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Underwater Lift Bag

A lift bag is an item of diving equipment consisting of a robust and air-tight bag with straps, which is used to life heavy objects underwater by means of the bag’s buoyancy. The heavy object can be moved horizontally underwater by the diver or sent unaccompanied to the surface.

300 kg load was recovered from the pond near the IIEST campus as shown in the figure above. The load had slipped from the edge and plunged into the water, which was difficult to recover by the swimmers alone. A closed bottom lift bag which itself weight 12Kg was used, which just took maximum of 20mins to recover.

In the MCEME Hyderabad campus, a demonstration was carried out to understand the feasibility of the lift bag for the Indian armed forces. Military truck axels were put inside the fire fighting well, which were then floated and recovered by 2 quantities of 3 Ton closed bottom lift bags. The lift bags had weight of around 26 kg.