Research Highlight Details

Energy saving for Bulk Customers


  • It will switch ON/OFF capacitor banks as per the VAR requirement of system (set by the user).
  • Displays instantaneous power factor and annunciates capacitors functioning in a healthy mode.
  • Protects capacitor banks from excessive voltage and unwanted harmonics.
  • It will annunciate the malfunctioning of specific banks.
  • It will alert the user in case of Maximum Demand and penalty p.f. is reached.
  • Communicates with a distant computer actins as a data logger (of p.f. of active capacitors, of actual VAR position of the system) and gives a printout of the measured parameters. This will improve the user-friendliness of the device.
  • It will tide over transitory VAR swings and take action only for persistent VAR requirements.
  • A Power Quality Index will be available to the user. This is important in connection with various power electronic drives being used.
  • It has a watchdog facility to detect any inherent vulnerability in the instrument.
  • Calculates change in KVAR of capacitor banks with change in voltage and frequency and selects them accordingly.