Monalika Dey


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: Ph. D.
Enrollment No.: 802010E3, Date: 24 Aug 2010
Registration No.: PhD/R/2011/0121, Date: 29 Dec 2011Supervisor: M. K. Sanyal

Research Area

Topic: Strategic Application of TQM in Micro-finance Institutions Towards Efficiency Enhancement

Total Quality Management (TQM)


Chapter/Article published in Books 

1. (2013) “ Introducing TQM Organisational Culture in Microfinance Institution”,Inclusive Growth:Need to Rethink the Business Model,edited by Biswajeet Pattanayak,Kalyan Ray,Niranjana. Bloomsbury,New Delhi.Pp-192-198,ISBN:978-9382563-62-4

Article published in Peer-reviewed journals

1. August 2017:Dey. M, Sanyal .M, ‘Total Quality Management as a Tool for increasing Organizational Efficiency in Microfinance Institutions’ .Asian Journal of Management Research, Vol. 8 Issue 1:ISSN:2229-3795


2. June 2015:Dey.M, ‘A Study of TQM Organizational Culture in a Microfinance Institution of West Bengal’. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Research Perspectives, Vol.4, No.2,Pp-1707-1713:ISSN:2279-0918

3. June 2015: Dey.M, “A Study of Total Quality Management Organisational Culture in a Microfinance Institution of West Bengal” DYPIMS Manegement Research Journal Vol.2, No.4, pp-12-21 ISSN No.0224-1201

4. June 2014: :Dey.M “Microfinance Institution: An Avenue to Women Entrepreneurship” NSHM Journal of  Management Research and Applications, Vol. 4, No. 1,  pp- 20-31 ISSN No. 0975-2501