Abhishek Ghosh (Awarded on 21st February,2020)


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: Ph. D.
Fellowship: Institute
Registration No.: PhD/R/2015/0011, Date: 26 Mar 2015Supervisor: Manojit Ghosh

Academic Qualification

B.Tech. (MAKAUT)

M.Tech. (IIEST)


He is currently working as a Post-Doc researcher at the University of Quebec (Québec City, Canada).

Research Area

Topic: Influence of Ag and Sn on microstructure, texture and mechanical properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy



Severe plastic deformation, Crystallographic texture, Aluminum alloys



• Obtained first prize in oral presentation in Metallum 2018.

• Obtained second prize in poster presentation in NCEM 2016.
• Obtained Institute scholarship in IIEST Shibpur.


1. Influence of homogenisation time on evolution of eutectic phases, dispersoid behaviour and crystallographic texture for Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Ag alloy, Abhishek Ghosh, Manojit Ghosh, Rajib Kalsar, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 802, (2019) 276-289.
2. On the role of precipitates in controlling microstructure and mechanical properties of Ag and Sn added 7075 alloys during artificial ageing, Abhishek Ghosh, Manojit Ghosh, Gyan Shankar, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 738, (2018), 399-411. 

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6. Deformation and annealing behaviour of dual phase TWIP steel from the perspective of residual stress, faults, microstructures and mechanical properties, Nisith Kumar Tewary, Swarup Kumar Ghosh, Subrata Chatterjee, Abhishek Ghosh, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 733, (2018), 43-58.
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