Binoy Krishna Ghosh


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: Ph. D.
Fellowship: DST-SERB Project
Registration No.: PhD/R/2017/0125, Date: 02 Nov 2017Supervisor: Mousumi Basu

Academic Qualification

  1. Pursuing Ph.D. (Registration No.: PhD/R/2017/0125, Registration Date: 2nd November 2017)
  2. M.Sc. from IIEST Shibpur, (2015)
  3. B.Sc., Physics(H), Ramananda College, Bishnupur (2013)

Research Area

Nonlinear Pulse Dynamics in Dispersion Managed Optical Fibers including Micro or Nano Dimensions (OFMN)


1. Adhikary, S., Ghosh, B. K., & Basu, M. (2020). Triangular pulse generation by using chalcogenide fibers and creation of tunable High-frequency oscillations from the Interaction of reshaped pulse pair. Optik204, 164208.

2. Ghosh, B. K., Ghosh, D., & Basu, M. (2019). Potential use of nonlinearity-induced virtual gain on parabolic pulse formation in highly nonlinear tapered fiber system. Journal of Optics21(4), 045503.

3. Ghosh, B. K., Ghosh, D., & Basu, M. (2018). Prospective use of a normally dispersive step-index chalcogenide fiber in nonlinear pulse reshaping. Applied Optics57(13), 3348-3356.