Vikas Kumar Das


Designation: Senior Research Fellow
Degree: Ph. D.
Fellowship: SERB, DST
Supervisor: Koustuv Debnath

Academic Qualification

BSc, MSc

Research Area

Topic: Influence of near bank turbulence and tidal processes on bank erosion mechanism

Sediment processes, wave dynamics, turbulence, geomorphology


Das, Vikas Kumar and Roy, Sayahnya and Barman, Krishnendu and Chaudhuri, Susanta and Debnath, Koustuv, Study of clay--sand network structures and its effect on river bank erosion: an experimental approach, 78, 591, Environmental Earth Sciences, 2019

Das, V.K., Roy, S., Barman, K., Debnath, K., Chaudhuri, S. and Mazumder, B.S., Investigations on undercutting processes of cohesive river bank, Engineering Geology, 2019