Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: Ph. D.
Fellowship: Institute Fellowship
Enrollment No.: 142017AE07, Date: 17 Jul 2017
Registration No.: PhD/R/2018/0064, Date: 24 Jul 2018Supervisor: Chandan Kumar Chanda
Co-Supervisor: Amalendu Bikash Choudhury

Academic Qualification

M. Tech (EE)

B. Tech (EE)

Research Area

Topic: Modelling, Performance Analysis and On-road Parameter Estimation of Lithium-ion Battery Pack in EV application

Electric Vehicle, Lithium-ion battery, Modelling, Estimation techniques


1. Best Paper Presentation Award in 8th International Conference on Power Systems (ICPS), 2019, Rajasthan, India.


1. Bhattacharyya, H.S., Choudhury, A.B. and Chanda, C.K., 2018, June. A Model Based Approach in Determining the Performance of EV Under Different Drive Cycles. In 2018 2nd International Conference on Power, Energy and Environment: Towards Smart Technology (ICEPE) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

2. Bhattacharyya, Himadri Sekhar, Amalendu Bikash Choudhury, and Chandan Kumar Chanda. "Performance Analysis of a Lithium-ion Battery Pack in EV Application Using an Auto-Upgraded Neural Network Model." In 2019 8th International Conference on Power Systems (ICPS), pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2019.