Pawan Thakur


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: M. Tech.
Fellowship: PG scholarship GATE; awarded in 2013
Supervisor: Rana Roy

Research Area

Topic: Implications of spectral matching of ground motions on seismic response of plan-asymmetric structures


Roy,  R.,  Thakur,  P  and  Chakroborty  S.  (2014).  “Scaling  of  Ground  Motions  and  Its Implications to Plan-asymmetric Structures”,  Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Elsevier, 57, 46-67.

Thakur,  P.  and  Roy,  R.  (2013),  “Seismic  Behaviour  of  Plan-asymmetric  Structures  under Spectrally  Matched  Records”,  International  Conference  on  Structural  Engineering  and Mechanics (ICSEM), Dec. 20-22.

Thakur, P., Roy, R. and Chakrovorty, S. (2012) “Suitability of UHS and CMS for Scaling of Ground  Motions:  Implications  to  Seismic  Response”,  International  Congress  on Computational Mechanics and Simulation (ICCMS), IIT Hyderabad, December 9-12.