Sumanta Deb


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: Ph. D.
Registration No.: PhD/R/2015/0102, Date: 29 Sep 2015Supervisor: Keya Mitra

Research Area

Topic: Optimization of Tenanting Decision Making in Planned Shopping Malls

Dr. Sumanta Deb's doctoral research looked at the interface between architectural design and tenanting decision making in planned shopping malls. Drawing upon the work of Hiller and others in Space Syntax theory and at bid rent analysis from the retail management side, Dr. Deb has designed a model with wide applicability in the design of greenfield shopping malls and in the redesign of existing ones. Dr. Deb's research integrates retail research wisdom and the knowledge of spatial configuration to illustrate the efficacy of space design as a strategic decision making tool. The conceptual framework that he has proposed provides a direction for allocating stores for profit maximization within a given spatial arrangement and it also lends direction to appropriate alteration/modification decisions with regard to spatial design. Dr. Deb's framework can also be used as an evaluation tool for selecting of the most suitable spatial design for profit maximization from among alternatives.