Nirmallya Das


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: M. Sc.
Fellowship: Institute fellow
Enrollment No.: 20180066, Date: 21 Aug 2018
Registration No.: PhD/R/2020/0003, Date: 23 Jan 2020Supervisor: Abhijit Majumdar

Research Area

Topic: Dynamics of molecular dissociation in ion impact collision

Dynamics of molecular dissociation in ion impact collision


The study of fragmentation dynamics not only provides valuable information about the processes taking place during fragmentation, but also it is very important to identify and understand the mechanism of the fragmentation. To understand the complete fragmentation processes for any particular channel, their momentum and kinetic energy information is necessary. The position-sensitive detector (PSD) and TOF mass spectrometer provides the position of an ion(x,y) and the corresponding time of flight which is required to measure the total momentum vectors and kinetic energies of each ionic fragment produced during particular dissociation channel. Kinetic energies of neutral fragments can also be measured using conservation of momentum.