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Dewaki Nandan Tibarewala

Visiting Professor

Centre for Healthcare Science & Technology, IIEST, Shibpur

Academic Qualifications

  1. Ph.D. (Technology), University of Calcutta (1980), Research Area: Biomedical Engineering
  2. B. Tech (Applied Physics), University of Calcutta (1974), with 80% marks.
  3. B. Sc. (Physics Honours), St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta (1971), with 62% marks.



  1. Phone: +91 33 2668 4561 to 63
  2. Mobile: +91 98316 96511


  1. EMail: biomed_ju@yahoo.co.in, biomed.ju@gmail.com

Area of Research

  • Biomedical Engineering

Courses undertaken

PG Courses

  • Biomedical Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Medical Devices and Drug Development

Recent Publications (Last 10)

  1. Automated Detection of Early Oral Cancer Trends in Habitual Smokers, S Dey, DN Tibarewala, SP Maity, A Barui - Soft Computing Based Medical Image Analysis, 2018.
  2. Designing of a Low-Cost Optical Density Meter for Medical Applications, A Sharma, PK Patnaik, S Subhadarshini, SK Nayak et al Environmental, Chemical and Medical Sensors, 2018.
  3. Development of a Wireless Controlled Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System, PM Pandey, SK Nayak, B Champaty, I Banerjee, et al- Biomedical Signal and Image Processing in Patient 2018.
  4. Analyzing text recognition from tactually evoked EEG, A Khasnobish, S Datta, R Bose, DN Tibarewala- Cognitive neurodynamics, 2017.
  5. Optimal choice of k-mer in composition vector method for genome sequence comparison, S Das, T Deb, N Dey, AS Ashour, DK Bhattacharya et al. - Genomics, 2017.
  6. A generic transferable EEG decoder for online detection of error potential in target selection, S Bhattacharyya, A Konar, DN Tibarewala et al - Frontiers in neuroscience, 2017.
  7. Motor imagery and error related potential induced position control of a robotic arm, S Bhattacharyya, A Konar, DN Tibarewala - IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, 2017.
  8. Non-Linear Analysis of Heart Rate Variability and ECG Signal Features of Swimmers from NIT-Rourkela: A Case Study, A Ray, SK Nayak, B Champaty, DN Tibarewala, K Pal - Computational Tools and Techniques for Biomedical 2017.
  9. Bypassing the natural visual-motor pathway to execute complex movement related tasks using interval type-2 fuzzy sets, A Khasnobish, A Konar, DN Tibarewala, AK Nagar - IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2017.
  10. Effect of Odia and Tamil Music on the ANS and the Conduction Pathway of Heart of Odia Volunteers, SK Nayak, U Srivastava, DN Tibarewala, G Thakur et al- Pattern and Data Analysis in Healthcare Settings, 2017.