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Ashoke Sutradhar
  Ashoke Sutradhar
Professor , Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D(BECDU)
  • M.E.E.(J.U)
  • B.E.E(J.U)


Contact Addresses

Tower-3, Flat No. 11B, Diamond City West, 18, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata-700061. West Bengal, India

  Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 Ext. 615
  Mobile 9477123351
  email as@ee.iiests.ac.in


Research Areas
  • Control System, Instrumentation
  • Artificial Neural Net
  • Mems
  • Embedded Systems.


Recent Publications
  • A.Sutradhar and A.S.Chaudhuri: “On-line Identification of ARX model for Glucose-Insulin Interaction in a Diabetic Patient from Input-Output Data”; Journal of Institution of Engineers(India), Vol. ID-85, May 2004, pp. 1-7.
  • A.Sutradhar and A.S.Chaudhuri “Design and Analysis of an Optimally Convex Controller in Algebraic Framework for a Micro-insulin Dispenser System”, Journal of AMSE, France, Advances in Modeling & Analysis, Series C, Vol. 57 No. 1-2, pp. 1-14, 2002.
  • A.Sutradhar and A.S.Chaudhuri: “Analysis and Design of an Optimal PID Controller for Insulin Dispenser System”, Journal of Institution of Engineers(India), Vol. EL-82, Mar 2002. pp. 304-313.
  • A.Sutradhar, S. Banerjee, D.Ganguly and P.Syam: “Development of Temporal Logic for High Speed cutting machine”; Journal of Mining Research, Wiley Press. Vol. 3, No. 3&4, Jan-Mar, 1995, pp. 47-59.
  • A.Sutradhar, S. Mazumder and K. Ray: “Microprocessor controlled sinusoidal pulse width modulated inverter-fed three-phase cage induction motor drive system”; Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), Vol.71, Part EL-5, Dec.1990, pp. 229-237.
  • A.Sutradhar, J.Chattopadhyay and K. Ray: “A Microprocessor based Precision Bi-directional Speed Measuring System using Pulse Tachometer”; Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), Vol.70, Part EL-5, Dec.1989, pp. 185-189.
  • A.Sutradhar and K. Ray: “Microcomputer based Adaptive Controller Using On-line Parameter Optimization Technique”; Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), Vol.69, Part EL-2, Dec.1989, pp. 66-72.
  • A.Sutradhar and A.S.Chaudhuri: “Adaptive LQG/LTR Controller for Implantable Insulin Delivery System in Type-1 Diabetic Patient”; Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on System Identification and Control Problems, SICPRO’04, held at Institute bof Control Sciences, Moscow, 28-30 January, 2004, pp. 1313-1328.
  • A.Sutradhar, G. C. Ray and A.S.Chaudhuri: “Design of Convex Controller for Insulin Delivery System with Optimization of Parameter l”; Proceedings of International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Information Communication, CIIC-2001, Kolkata, Dec. 13-15, 2001, pp. 365-370.
  • A.Sutradhar, S. Banerjee, D.Ganguly, P.Syam, and S.Dasgupta: “Development of Temporal Logic for High Speed Cutting Machine”; National Symposium on Instrumentation (NSI-23) Bangalore, 1998.
  • A.Sutradhar, P.Syam, and S.S.Saha; “A Novel Sine Wave Inverter with Low Harmonics for UPS Application”; Proc. Of ĆIGRE Regional Meeting on Power Quality – Assessment of Impact, New Delhi, 10-11 Sept. 1997, pp.II. 53-66.
  • A.Sutradhar; “Computer Simulation of Sinusoidal PWM Inverter Using Ćuk Coverter Topology”, Proc. of International conference on Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering – Recent Advances, CERA-97 at Roorkee University, 8-11 Sept. 1997, pp. 81-85.
  • A.Sutradhar and C.R.Mahata: “Voltage control of cage motors with improved efficiency : A simulation study”; Proc. of international conference on computer Applications in Electrical Engineering – Recent Advances, CERA-97 at Roorkee University, 8-11 Sept. 1997, pp. 157-161.
  • A.Sutradhar, S. Mazumder and D.Ganguly: “A Multiple PWM Inverter-fed Variable Speed Multi-SCIM Drive System for Traction Use”; Proceedings of All India Seminar on Hi-tech in Electric Rolling Stock, Signaling and Telecommunication Equipment on Indian Railways organized by the Institution of Engineers (India), Calcutta held during 11-12 Nov, 1989, pp. S-1/27-34.
  • A.Sutradhar, S. Roy Choudhury, A.Sinha, S.Mondal, Wg. Cdr.(Retd.) H.Pal and Prof. A.K.Mandal: “Microcomputer based Data Acquisition Node and IBM – PC Based Central Monitoring Station for Tea Factories”; proceedings of the National Seminar on Applications of Electronic Systems in Industrial Process Control organized by CEERI, Madras and CDES-AAPP/DoE held on 16-17 Feb. 1989 pp.1.28-1.35.


Courses Undertaken



Ashoke Sutradhar, “Device for Multichannel Data Communication by FSK Modulation Through LT Power Line, Indian Patent No. 198851 dated 16.12.1997 awarded by Govt. of India. (Sole patent right)

Department of Electrical Engineering , BESU, Shibpur - 7111 03, INDIA