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Susanta Chakraborty


Department of Computer Science and Technology

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D(Tech) in Computer Science from University of Calcutta, 1999 & work done at Advanced Computing & Microelectronics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  • M.Tech & B.Tech from Calcutta University, 1985 & 1983 respectively

Honors, Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded invited German Govt. Fellowship from University of Potsdum, Berline, Germany and worked with Professor Michael Gossel.
  • Awarded JSPS Fellowship and worked with Professor H. Fujiwara of Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
  • Invitation from University of Michigan, AnnArbor, USA and worked with Professor John P.Hays, Shannon Professor of Engineering Science.



  1. Email: sc@cs.becs.ac.in, susanta.chak@gmail.com

Area of Research

  • Big data analysis and application
  • Social network analysis
  • Internet of Things based security
  • Machine learning data mining
  • Approximate Computing/Stochastic Computing
  • Video & ImageProcessing
  • Gene Regulatory Network
  • Quantum Circuit & cryptography
  • Cyber Physical Micro-fluidic Bio-chip & security.


Courses Undertaken

UG Courses

  2. Introduction to Data Mining
  3. Operating System
  4. Microprocessor
  5. Introduction to Computing

PG Courses

  1. VLSI Design
  2. Switching theory and Finite Automata
  3. Information & Coding Theory

Recent Publications 

  1. SusantaChakraborty, Debesh.K. Das and Bhargab.B.Bhattacharya “Synthesis of Symmetric Functions for path delay fault testability”, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Added Design ,Vol. 19, no.9, pp.1076-1081 September, 2000.
  2. SusantaChakraborty, Debesh.K. Das and Bhargab.B.Bhattacharya, “Logical Redundancies in irredundant combinational circuits.” Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and applications, (JETTA), Kluwer Academic Publishers vol. 4, pp.120-125, 1993.
  3. M.Gossel, V.Ocheretnij and S.Chakraborty “Diagnosis by repeated application of specific test inputs and by output monitoring of the MISA”, Proceedings of the 10thAsian Test symposium pp.57-62, November,IEEE CS Press, Japan 2001.
  4. Debesh.K.Das, Susanta Chakraborty and Hideo Fujiwara,“Max-Testable Class of sequential circuits having Combinational test generation”   Proceedings of thirteen Asian Test Symposium,pp.342-347,November, IEEE CS Press, Taiwan,2004.
  5. Sourav De, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, SusantaChakraborty “Color image segmentation using parallel OptiMUSIG activation function” Applied  Soft Computing Journal, vol-12, no-10, pp. 3228 – 3236, 2012.
  6. BikromadittyaMondal and Susanta Chakraborty “A Comprehensive Fault Diagnosis Technique for reversible Logic Circuit” Electrical Engineering Journal, Elsevier,Vol-40, pp2259-2272,2014.
  7. HrishikeshBhaumik, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Mausumi Das Nath and SusantaChakraborty,“Hybrid Soft Computing Approaches to  Content based Video Retrieval: A Brief ReviewJournal of Applied Soft Computing, vol-46, pp1008-1029, 2016.
  8. SaritChakraborty, Chandan Das, SusantaChakraborty and Partha P Dasgupta, “A Novel Two Phase Routing Technique in Digital Microfluidic Biochip” Journalof  IETComputers & Digital Techniques, U.K, vol-10, issue-5, pp 233-242, 2016 (Former IEE).
  9. TapanChowdhury, SusantaChakraborty, S.K. Setua, “ Knowledge Extraction from Big Data using MapReduce-based Parallel-Reduct Algorithm”, 5th  International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology, Changchun, China 2016 , December,  2016.
  10. SamyaMuhuri, Susanta Chakraborty and S.K. Setua “An Edge Contribution-Based Approach to identify Influential nodes from online Social Networks”, 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Nanoelectronic and Information Systems, December, India,  2016.

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