Joydeep Atta


Designation: Research Scholar
Degree: Ph. D.
Fellowship: Institute Fellowship
Enrollment No.: 2021CEP006, Date: 03 Mar 2022
Supervisor: Ashis Kumar Bera

Research Area

Topic: Efficacy assessment of ANN based bearing capacity of shallow foundation on reinforced soil slope
  • Performance evaluation of bearing capacity footing  with variable slope angle in unreinforced and geogrid reinforced soil slope.
  • Performance evaluation of bearing capacity footing of reinforced soil slope at eccentric, inclined and eccentrically inclined loading.
  • Efficacy assessment of bearing capacity with variable setback distance in unreiforced and reinforced soil slope and also evaluate the critical setback ratio.
  • Calculate the optimum spacing of geogrid for max bearing capacity on unreinforced and reinforced soil slope.
  • Calculate optimum length of geogrid, spacing etc.on  maximum bearing capacity of footing.
  • Effect of dilatancy on bearing capacity and evaluate the failure mechanism.
  • Stability assessment of reinforced soil slope using ANN.