CMS Notices

# Notices Date
1 Non-availability of doctor in the Institute Hospital (Circular No. CMS/E/01 Dt. 17.10.2020) 17/10/2020
2 Sri Sandip Chakraborty,Assistant Professor,Department of Civil Engineering shall act as one of the members of the CMS Committee constituted vide office order nos.RDO/2109/20 dt.01.01.2020 & 7099/D(FW)/20(B) dt.07.03.2020(Order No. RDO/3117/20 dt.16.09.20) 17/09/2020
3 Tie-up has been extended upto 30.11.2020(except NH) at CGHS rate for the following listed Hospitals (Circular No.CMS/XII/2020-21/01 dt.09.09.2020) 10/09/2020
4 Duty Roster of Nurses,Pharmacists and Dressers of the Hospital of IIEST.Shibpur (Will be effected immediately till further order) 09/09/2020
5 Contributory Medical Scheme:List of Extension of Tie-Up with Hospitals (Circular No.: CMS/XII/2020-21/01 Dt.:17.06.2020) 17/06/2020
6 Contributory Medical Scheme's list of Pensioners/Retired employees who has deposited their contribution for continuation of CMS Membership (Notice No. CMS/XV-B/2020-21/01 Dt. 02.06.2020) 02/06/2020
7 Extension of Contributory Medical Scheme Facility to all Pensioners /Retired employees for the year 2020-21(Circular No. : No.CMS/IX/2020-21/01 Dt. 12.05.2020) 12/05/2020
8 Pensioners and Family Pensioners Yearly CMS Contribution (Circular No. CMS/IX/2019-20/01 Dt. 21.03.2020) 21/03/2020
9 The clause : "Off campus Doctors may also be allowed for CMS with a certification that he/she is attached to an enlisted Hospital of the Institute' added to the actions taken for framing a suitable CMS (Order No. 16th BoG /AT/19/254 Dt.16.03.2020) 18/03/2020
10 Institute's Precautionary Measures in view of outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) (Circular No.:RMS/172/20 Dt. 13.03.2020) 13/03/2020
11 Prof.Sudip Kumar Roy,Dean (Planning & Development) is appointed as the Chairman of the CMS Committee constituted vide Office Order No .RDO/2109/20 dt.01.01.2020(No.7099/D(FW)/20(B) dt.07.03.2020) 11/03/2020
12 Frank Ross Medicine Shop will remain closed up to 3 pm on 09th and 10th March, 2020 (Notice Dt. 07.03.2020) 07/03/2020
13 Dr. R.D Paul engaged as a full time Doctor (Temporary basis) in pursuance of special BoG's Resolution No. Spl 1.01 (No. RDO/2815/20 Dt. 28.02.2020) 29/02/2020
14 New timing for issuance of cashless medicines (No. CMS/ XX -VI/2019-20/01 dt.20.02.2020) 21/02/2020
15 Issue of Health Record Book to the Contractual Employees(Circular No.CMS/XVIII-A/2019-20/01 dt.30.01.2020) 31/01/2020
16 Submission of Medical Claim bills (CMS/XVIII-A/2019-20/01 dt.22.01.2020) 22/01/2020
17 AMRI Hospitals has stopped the cashless facility from 19.09.2019 (CMS/XII-C/2019-20/01 Dt.22.01.2020) 22/01/2020
18 Reconstitution of new CMS Committee vide order No. RDO/2109/20 dt. 01.01.2020 02/01/2020

Created: 23 November 2019