Student Notices

# Notices Date
1 The End-Semester Examinations for UG students (B.Tech & B.Arch 3rd,5th&7th Semester) shall commence from 11.01.2021. (Notice No. 1860/Exam Dt. 30.12.2020) 31/12/2020
2 Institute's Compulsory and Restricted Holidays for the Calendar Year 2021 (Circular No. RDO/3284/20/1/9/13 Dt. 28.12.2020) 28/12/2020
3 The Mid-Semester Examinations for UG students (B.Tech & B.Arch 3rd,5th&7th Semester) shall commence from 21.12.20.(Notice No.1857/Exam Dt.16.12.20) 16/12/2020
4 The Mid-Semester Examination of B.Tech & B.Arch Courses for 3rd, 5th and 7 th Semesters shall be held from 21.12.2020 to 28.12.2020. (Notice No.1856/Exam Dt. 10.12.2020) 10/12/2020
5 Online membership registration facility of the library from off-the-campus location for all Ph.D scholars, PG & UG students (Notice No. L/N/03/2020-21 dt.01.12.2020) 01/12/2020
6 Online meeting links of Induction-cum-Orientation Program for First year UG students (Notice No. Dean(FW)/IOP-2020 Dt. 30.11.2020) 30/11/2020
7 Extended date of Submission of Income Certificate for Tuition Fees Waiver to the B.Tech. students in the Academic Session (2020 - 21)(Notice No. DSW/Int. 29/20 Dt. 29.11.2020) 30/11/2020
8 G-Suite email ID and Orientation Programme instructions for newly admitted 1st year students of UG courses (B.Tech. / B. Arch.) for the academic year 2020-21.(Notice No. 1854/Exam Dt. 27.11.2020) 27/11/2020
9 Constitution of Academic Coordination Committee for coordination of the academic matters of the First year UG courses (Order No. 1853/Exam Date:26.11.2020) 26/11/2020
10 Notice to those students who want to apply for different scholarship through National Scholarship Portal (NSP) (Notice. Dt. 12.11.2020) 12/11/2020
11 Supplementary Examination of UG Final Semester students and 2nd Semester PG students shall be held at Lecture Hall Complex, Room No L102, Ground Floor, IIEST. (Notice No. 1850/Exam Dt.09.11.2020) 09/11/2020
12 Prof. Avijit Chakrabarti, Professor of the Electrical Engineering Department is nominated as the Professor-incharge of the Animal Welfare Club(No. DSW/Int. 28/20 dt.05.11.2020) 07/11/2020
13 A new Club named “Animal Welfare Club” has been constituted under the aegis of Students’ Senate, 2019-20(No. DSW/Int. 25/20 dt.05.11.2020) 07/11/2020
14 Sri Arun Chakraborty, Associate Professor in the Civil Engineering Department is nominated as the Professor-in-charge of the Vivekananda Youth Circle.(No. DSW/Int. 27/20 dt.05.11.2020) 07/11/2020
15 A new Club named “Vivekananda Youth Circle” has been constituted under the aegis of Students’ Senate, 2019-20(No. DSW/Int. 24/20 dt.05.11.2020) 07/11/2020
16 Sri Sandip Chakraborty, Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department is nominated as the Professor-in-charge of the Club on Engineering Safety (ENSAFE)(No. DSW/Int. 26/20 dt.05.11.2020) 07/11/2020
17 A new Club named “Club on Engineering Safety (ENSAFE)” has been constituted under the aegis of Students’ Senate, 2019-20(No. DSW/Int. 23/20 dt.05.11.2020) 07/11/2020
18 The tenure of the present Students’ Senate (2019-20) is extended upto 31st December, 2020 or until further order, whichever is earlier(No. DSW/Int. 22/20 dt. 04.11.2020) 07/11/2020
19 Supplementary Examination Programme details & Seating Arrangements of Under Graduate Final Semester students and 2nd Semester Post Graduate students 06/11/2020
20 Steps to be followed to login to the link to attend the DST-IIEST Solar PV Hub Inauguration Programme 27/10/2020
21 Online Inauguration of the DST-IIEST Solar PV Hub by Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal "Nishank", Hon'ble Education Minister, Government of India, will be held on 27th October, 2020 from 5:15 PM (Notice Dt. 26.10.2020) 26/10/2020
22 Supplementary Examination of Under Graduate Final Semester students and 2nd Semester Post Graduate students(Notice No. 1844/Exam Dt. 22.10.2020) 24/10/2020
23 Protocol for submission of PhD thesis (Notice Dt. 13.10.2020) 14/10/2020
24 Call for innovative project proposals from Alumni cell, IIEST, Shibpur from the UG, PG and PhD students of IIEST submission has been extended till 20.10.2020 (Notice Dt. 11.10.2020) 12/10/2020
25 Carry Forward of the passed subject marks for both UG and PG readmission taken students for the year 2020-2021(Notice No.1839/Exam Dt. 03.10.2020) 03/10/2020
26 Call for innovative project proposals from Alumni cell, IIEST, Shibpur from the UG, PG and PhD students of IIEST, Shibpur. 27/09/2020
27 Submission of Family Income Certificate for Tuition Fees Waiver to the B.Tech. students in the Academic Session (2020 - 21) (No. DSW/Int. 21/20 Date:25.09.2020) 25/09/2020
28 First Semester students of PG programme to submit their preference of Open Elective subjects from 24.09.2020 to 26.09.2020 (Notice No. 1838/Exam Dt. 24.09.2020) 24/09/2020
29 Tuition Fees Waiver for the additional B.Tech. students towards Even Semester of the Academic Session (2019 - 20)(Order No. DSW/Int/20/20 Dt.21.09.2020) 21/09/2020
30 Instructions/Advisory Guidelines to be followed by Students and Scholars for any communication/correspondence purpose (Circular No.1829/Exam Dt. 21.09.2020) 21/09/2020
31 Notice regarding 2nd Dose Covid 19 vaccination program with Covishield from IIEST Hospital, to be held on 16th September , 2021 for Students( Notice dated 14.09.2021) 14/09/2020
32 The listed students granted for Branch change are advised to report to respective HoD's of allotted Departments (Notice No: 1825/Exam Dt.08.09.2020) 09/09/2020
33 Online access to electronic resources subscribed by the Institute (Notice No. L/N/02/2020-21 Dt. 06.09.2020) 06/09/2020
34 Dual Degree (B.Tech-M.Tech)9th Semester Students to submit copy of valid GATE score card with self Declaration on or before 31.08.2020 (Notice No. 1821/Exam Dt. 27.08.2020) 28/08/2020
35 Notice to 5th and 7th semester students of UG Programme (Engineering Branch only) for change of assigned Open Elective subjects on or before 29.08.2020 (Notice No.1820/Exam Dt.28.08.2020) 28/08/2020
36 List of students who have been granted for Branch Change (Engineering Branch Only)(Notice No. 1819/Exam Dt.28.08.2020) 28/08/2020
37 All outgoing Final semester students can collect their Hard Copy of MARKSHEET from Examination section.(Notice No. 1818/Exam Dt.27.08.2020) 27/08/2020
38 IIC-IIEST Covid-19 Challenge Hackathon Result (Notice No. RC-N/Dean/IIC-Hackathon/2020/1122 Dt. 26.08.2020) 26/08/2020
39 Norms to be followed by the students for use of G Suite ID and Attending On-Line Classes (Notice No.1815/Exam Dt.26.08.2020) 26/08/2020
40 The following students, who have exercised option for five year Dual Degree programme, are allowed to register their names for Dual Degree Programme in order to complete Master Degree in five years(Notice No.1814/Exam dt.24.08.2020) 25/08/2020
41 2-year full-time PGDM/MBA program in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Development (IEV). 25/08/2020
42 All UG, PG & Ph.D(those who have enrolled 2019-2020 session) students are informed that the last date of semester registration of odd semester for the academic session 2020-2021 has been extended till August 31,2020 (No. 1813/Exam dt.24.08.2020) 24/08/2020
43 The students of 5th & 7th Semester of UG courses are to submit the preferences of the Open Elective subjects on or before 22nd August 2020 (Notice No.1813/Exam Dt.19.08.2020) 20/08/2020
44 In continuation of the Notice No.DSW/Int. 18/20 dtd.13.08.2020 issued by the Dean (SW) and subsequent options exercised by the concerned students, a schedule has been prepared for vacation of Hostel by the Final Year student boarders. 18/08/2020
45 All registered B.Tech. / B.Arch. /DD /M.Sc/ MBA/ MOP students to activate the Institute provided G-suite account to attend the online classes (Notice No.1812/Exam Dt. 17.08.2020) 18/08/2020
46 Notice on Students Readmission to Course OR Withdrawal from a Course and respective formats (Notice No. 1811/Exam Dt. 14.08.2020) 16/08/2020
47 Notice for submission of Family Income Certificate by the Defaulter students (Even Sem.) for Tuition Fees waiver (Notice No. DSW/Int./19/20 Dt. 14.08.2020) 14/08/2020
48 Semester Registration schedule (odd semester) for UG, Dual Degree & PG students (Notice No.: 1809/Exam Dt. 14.08.2020) 14/08/2020
49 Semester Registration (odd semester) for PhD scholars (Notice No. 1810/Exam Dt. 14.08.2020) 14/08/2020
50 All the Outgoing UG /PG/DD students occupying the seats in various Hostels/Halls of Residence are to vacate their room latest by August 31, 2020 (Notice No. DSW/Int. 18/20 Dt. 13.08.2020) 13/08/2020
51 CORRIGENDUM: Notification regarding ‘Declaration’ with respect to Library clearance issues (No.: 1808/Exam Dt. 13.08.2020) 13/08/2020
52 All recently passed UG students to submit ‘Declaration’ with respect to Library clearance issues to obtain ‘Soft Copy of the Mark Sheet’ (Notice No.1807/Exam Dt. 09.08.2020) 10/08/2020
53 All UG & PG students are required to fill up the Google form for survey on Online Learning Process by 11.08.2020 (Notice No.1806/Exam Dt.06.08.2020) 08/08/2020
54 Independence Day Celebrations and Committee constituted to organize the same at Flag Stand Ground at 07:50 A.M. (Circular No.RDO/3056/20 Dt. 07.08.2020) 07/08/2020
55 Detailed Instruction & Application format for issuance of Migration Certificate for Students (Notice No. 1807/Exam Dt. 06.08.2020) 07/08/2020
56 The result for UG (B.Arch 10th semester), DD (10th Semester) & PG (2nd & 4th Semester) & Ph.D. Coursework shall be published on 06.08.2020 instead of 05.08.2020 (Notice No.1805/Exam Dt. 05.08.2020) 05/08/2020
57 Online mode classes of the Odd Semester ( 2020-2021) shall commence from August 24, 2020 (Notice No.1805/Exam Dt. 02.08.2020) 03/08/2020
58 Final Semester Undergraduate & Postgraduate students to clear all dues in order to receive the Marksheet (Notice No.1803/Exam Dt.31.07.2020) 31/07/2020
59 Tuition Fees Waiver for the B.Tech. students towards Even Semester of the Academic Session (2019 - 20) [Order No. DSW/Int/17 /20 Dt. 30.07.2020) 30/07/2020
60 CORRIGENDUM: In reference to Notification regarding Semester Registration(No.1800/Exam Dt. 15.07.2020) TABLE C is also applicable 9th semester B.Arch and Dual Degree students (No.1802/Exam Dt. 30.07.2020) 30/07/2020
61 PG Students odd Semester Registration schedule (Notice No. 1801/Exam Dt. 30.07.2020) 30/07/2020
62 Notice to B.TECH 7th Semester students for excersizing option for FIVE YEAR DUAL DEGREE PROGRAMME, Dated 30.07.2020 30/07/2020
63 Change of Branch for July 2019 admitted students on the basis of the result of 1st year course (For the Session: 2020-2021)-Dt.30.07.2020 30/07/2020
64 Invitation for a National Conference on " Psycho-Socio & Educational Challenges during COVID-19 Era & Overcoming Strategies" Student Counselling Services -IIT(BHU) Varanasi on 27.07.2020 at 06:15 P.M. 26/07/2020
65 MANODARPAN an initiative of the MHRD to provide Psychosocial Support to students during this COVID pandemic period 16/07/2020
66 Semester Registration (odd semester) for all UG & Dual Degree students (Notice No. 1800/Exam Dt.15.07.2020) 16/07/2020
67 The results for UG (B.Tech/B.Arch 2'd, 4th,'6th & 8th Semester) & DD (8th Semester) shall be published on 8th July 2020 instead of 7th July 2020 ( Notice No.1799/Exam Dt. July 06, 2020) 06/07/2020
68 The International Day of Yoga 2020 Celebrations scheduled in on-line mode on 21/06/2020 at 6:30 a.m. (Notice Dt. 15.06.2020) 15/06/2020
69 Revised Academic Calendar for Even Semester(Academic Session 2019-2020) 09/06/2020
70 An online Interaction Program on the Students' Mental Health will be held on June 10, 2020 from 3 p.m. 07/06/2020
71 15th Senate's Emergency Meeting (Online) decision on UG/PG Examination and Evaluation(Order No.: RDO/2910/20 Dt.:01.06.2020) 02/06/2020
72 On-line Meeting of Hon'ble Director with Representatives of UG and PG courses is scheduled on May 29, 2020 at 3:30 p.m-(Notice Dt. 28.05.2020) 28/05/2020
73 Institute Entry-Exit Guidelines (Lockdown - 4) to be followed with effect from 24.05.2020 -(Dt.24.05.2020) 24/05/2020
74 SPIC MACAY Anubhav - Novel initiative to share Heritage Experience with students 24/05/2020
75 Advisory information in prediction of Super Cyclone, Amphan to hit West Bengal (Notification No.: RMS/342/2020 Dt. 19.05.2020) 19/05/2020
76 Institute Repository for Online teaching-learning process ( Dated 17.05.2020 ) 17/05/2020
77 COURSERA - Free online courses for UG and PG students (Notice No. 1793/Exam Dt. 11.05.2020) 11/05/2020
78 MHRD’s Innovation Cell: Upcoming Online Session (Periodic workshops/ Seminars/ Interactions with Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals) 11/05/2020
79 Newton Bhabha Fund - Researcher Link Workshop 2020 06/05/2020
80 Education Minister Goes Live on 5th May, 2020 at 12:00 Noon 04/05/2020
81 Central Repository of Course Materials for supplementing the online teaching-learning process on Institute Website (Notice No. 1792 /Exam Dt. 27.04.2020) 28/04/2020
82 Ministry of Home Affairs - "Guidelines for Secure Video Conferencing (ZOOM)" 16/04/2020
83 Revised Academic Calendar of Even Semester for the Academic Session 2019-2020 12/04/2020
84 14th Senate's meeting decisions in the interest of the students in view of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic scenario ( Order No.RDO/2903/20 Dt. 12.04.2020) 12/04/2020
85 Ms. Sudarshana Dasgupta appointed as the Psychiatric Counselor for on-line counseling of the students. (Notice Dt. 08.04.2020) 08/04/2020
86 Remote access to E-Resources for B.Tech. and M.Tech./M.Sc. students. (Notice No. L/N/01/2020-21 Dt. 07.04.2020) 07/04/2020
87 Dean (Students' Welfare) notice regarding usage of Institute's name on social media - Dt. 05.04.2020 05/04/2020
88 Fake Notification / E-mail Alert! - Dt. 04.04.2020 04/04/2020
89 Guidelines for using Google classroom and Zoom for teaching online 25/03/2020
90 Extended Class Suspension and Hostel Closure Order (Order No. RDO/2899/20 Dt. 18.03.2020) 18/03/2020
91 Circular regarding preventive measures recommended by Task Force (Circular No.: No. RMS/220/20 Dt. 18.03.2020) 18/03/2020
92 Postponement of Mid Semester Examinations of Ph.D Coursework Subjects(No. l796/Exam dt.16.03.2020) 16/03/2020
93 Senate's Emergency Meeting decisions to avoid the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease (Order No. RMS/173/20 Dt. 14.03.2020) 14/03/2020
94 Institute's Precautionary Measures in view of outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) (Circular No.:RMS/172/20 Dt. 13.03.2020) 13/03/2020
95 ALERT: All are advised to reduce mass gatherings to avoid spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)disease (Circular No.RMS/170/20 dt.13.03.2020) 13/03/2020
96 SATRANG- 2020 (Scheduled during March 25-29, 2020) - List of nominated Faculty / Student Members and Conditions to be followed. (No.DSW/Int/13/20 Dt. 11.03.2020) 12/03/2020
97 Mid-Semester Examinations of ph.D Coursework subjects for newly enrolled scholars admitted in 2019-2020 academic session (December cycle) (No. 1795Exam dt.11.03.2020) 11/03/2020
98 Frank Ross Medicine Shop will remain closed up to 3 pm on 09th and 10th March, 2020 (Notice Dt. 07.03.2020) 07/03/2020
99 NOTICE: Greetings to all students/boarders on the eve of Holi & some Institute norms to be maintained (No.DSW/Int/11/2020 dt.05.03.2020) 06/03/2020
100 Institute will remain Open as a Normal Working Day on 07.03.2020 (Saturday) in lieu of Doljatra Holiday on 09.03.2020 (Monday)(No.RDO/2829/20/1/9/13 Dt. 04.03.2020) 04/03/2020
101 Arrangement of Ambulance and E-Rickshaw at the Institute (No. RMS/73/20 Dt.27.02.2020) 27/02/2020
102 First Half Provisional Seating Arrangement of the Mid Semester Examinations [B. ARCH (6th), B. TECH (8th ), DD(8th ) M.TECH (2nd ), MBA (2nd ) & PH.D] to be held on 29th Feb, 2020 (Doc. Dt. 27.02.2020) 27/02/2020
103 NOTE: Revised Seating Arrangement of the Examinations scheduled to be held on 27th & 29th February 2020(B.Tech/DD(B.Tech-M.Tech)/B.Arch/M.Tech/MBA/MOP/Ph.D)(No.1790/Exam Dt.25.02.2020) 27/02/2020
105 Revised Mid Semester Examinations - Programme & Seating Arrangements 21/02/2020
106 REBECA 2020 (Scheduled during March 26-29, 2020) - List of nominated Faculty / Student Members and Conditions to be followed. (No.DSW/Int/08/20 Dt. 13.02.2020) 14/02/2020
107 Committee Constituted for organizing Scintillation 2020:E-Summit (RDO/2684/20 dt.10.02.2020) 11/02/2020
108 Revised Supplementary Examination Programme & Seating Arrangement (UG Programme) 08/02/2020
109 Tuition Fee Waiver Notice (No. DSW/Int./05/2020; No. DSW/Int./05/2020 & No. DSW/Int./05/2020 dated 06.02.2020) 07/02/2020
110 Order:Prior Approval of Competent Authority is mandatory for organizing of any program and display of banner/poster/notice etc. within the Institute Campus (RDO/2675/20 Dt.07.02.2020) 07/02/2020
111 List of Selected 1st year (B.Tech) male candidates for admission to avail Hostel facility based on their willingness 06/02/2020
112 Mid-Semester Examination (Even Semester) will commence from 24.02.2020(No. 1782/Exam dt.01.02.2020) 05/02/2020
113 Interested B.Tech 1st year Male Candidates (4th list) report to the Mess Section on 05/02/2020 and 06/02/2020 to take Hostel facility 04/02/2020
114 Special Supplementary Examinations for 'CNC' tagged Students (No. 1780/Exam. Dt. 31.01.2020) 01/02/2020
115 Supplementary Examination and Issuance of ADMIT CARD of UG & PG Courses for the students who took admission before 2019-2020 academic session (No. 1779/Exam Dt. 31.01.2020) 01/02/2020
116 No classes on 31st January 2020 due to convocation ceremony of the Institute( No.1778/Exam dt.30.01.2020) 30/01/2020
117 Invitation to attend the 'Cultural Soiree' to be held on 31.01.2020 at the Lord's Ground(RMS/9897/20 dt.30.01.2020) 30/01/2020
118 The Institute shall observe holiday on 29.01.2020 on the occasion of saraswati puja in lieu of 30.01.2020(RDO/2253/20/1/9/13 dt. 27.01.2020) 27/01/2020
119 Attention: All concerned Hostel boarders to clear unpaid dues (with fine) before 23.01.2020 21/01/2020
120 Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 will be held on January 20, 2020 and will be live telecasted at Alumni Seminar Hall (No. DSW/Int/ 2 / 20 Dt. 19.01.2020) 19/01/2020
121 Invitation to the students, who will be attending in the ensuing convocation for attending the First Alumni Convention 01.02.2020 17/01/2020
122 Students Notice to carry forward of marks (No: 1775/Exam dt.17.01.2020) 17/01/2020
123 Institute will observe Swachchhata Pakhwara from 16.01.2020 to 31.01.2020 (RMS/9842/20 dt.16.01.2020) 16/01/2020
124 71st Republic Day Celebration 2020 (Circular No.: RMS/9840/20/1/0/4 Dt. 15.01.2020) 15/01/2020
125 Modified Final List of PG Open Elective,2020 subjects along with the student's name updated on 08-01-2020 08/01/2020
126 Ph.D Written Test (for Screening) has been rescheduled on 9th January 2020 from 11 AM to 12.30 PM(No.1772/Exam Dt. 03.01.2020) 03/01/2020
127 Notice to 2nd Semester Students of PG Programme for Open Electives (No.1771/Exam Dt. 03.01.2020) 03/01/2020
128 Attention: Verification of the information of the degree holders for the forthcoming 6th Annual Convocation-2020 of IIEST, Shibpur. 01/01/2020
129 Online Registration of Students for attending 6th Annual Convocation-2020 of IIEST, Shibpur (No.1770/Exam Dt. 31.12.2019) 01/01/2020

Created: 23 November 2019