# List of Publication by Dr. Sudip Ghosh
1 Samiran Samanta, Sudip Ghosh, Thermo-economic and environmental analyses of full site repowering through coal gasification and carbon capture by downstream MCFC integration, Advances in mechanical processing and design, 67-81, Springer, 2021
2 Roy D, Samanta S, Ghosh S., Energetic and Exergetic Analyses of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Module Coupled with an Organic Rankine Cycle. In Advances in Fluid and Thermal Engineering, 13-24, Springer, Singapore, 2020
3 Ghosh S., Biomass-Based Distributed Energy Systems: Opportunities and Challenges. In Sustainable Energy and Transportation 2018 (pp. 235-252)., Springer, Singapore, 2018
4 Ghosh S., Gas Cleaning and Tar Conversion in Biomass Gasification. In Coal and Biomass Gasification, 151-172, Springer, Singapore, 2018

Created: 23 November 2019