# List of Publication by Prof. Amit Roy Chowdhury
1 R Barua, S Datta, A Roy Chowdhury, P Datta, Importance of 3D Printing Technology in Medical Fields, Chapter 2, 21-40, IGI Global - Additive Manufacturing Technologies From an Optimization Perspective,, 2019
2 R Barua, S Datta, P Datta, AR Chowdhury, Scaffolds and Tissue Engineering Applications by 3D Bio-Printing Process: A New Approach, Chapter 4, 78 - 99, IGI Global - Design, Development, and Optimization of Bio-Mechatronic Engineering …, 2019
3 R Barua, S Datta, AR Chowdhury, P Datta, Advances in MEMS and Micro-Scale Technologies for Application in Controlled Drug-Dosing Systems: MEMS-Based Drug Delivery Systems, Chapter 7, 165-179, IGI Global - Design and Development of Affordable Healthcare Technologies,, 2018

Created: 23 November 2019