# List of Publication by Dr. Dipankana Bhattacherjee
1 Mujeeb Ul Rehman, Saptarshi Kundu, Dipankana Bhattacherjee, Numerical Analysis on the Stability of Upstream Mine Tailings Dam under Seismic Loading, In press, Chapter 29, Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, Vol. 491, Babu T. Jose et al. (Eds), Springer (pubs.), doi:10.1007/978-981-97-2700-1, 2024
2 Dipankana Bhattacherjee, B.V.S Viswanadham, Studies on Centrifuge Modelling of Rainfall Induced Landslides, Lecture notes in Civil Engineering, Volume 186, 207-216, Dynamics of Soil and Modelling of Geotechnical Problems - (ISBN: 978-981-16-5604-0), 2022
3 Puspendu Ray, Ambarish Ghosh and Dipankana Bhattacherjee, Simplified Plane Strain Consolidation Modeling of Stone Column, In press, Soil Dynamics, Earthquake and Computational Geotechnical Engineering, Lecture notes in Civil Engineering, Springer Nature, Singapore, 2022
4 Dipankana Bhattacherjee, B.V.S Viswanadham, Centrifuge Modelling of Marginal Soil Slopes under Rainfall with Hybrid Geosynthetic Inclusions, Ground Improvement Techniques (ISBN: 978-981-15-9987-3). Lecture notes in Civil Engineering, Volume 118, 329-338, Springer Singapore, 2021
5 Bhattacherjee, D. and Viswanadham, B.V.S, Use of hybrid geosynthetics in mitigating rainfall induced slope instability, 1, 689-702, Geotechnics for Transportation Infrastructure: Recent Developments, Upcoming Technologies and New Concepts (ISBN: 978-981-13-6700-7; doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-6701-4) by Springer Singapore (pubs.), 2019

Created: 23 November 2019